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Fearful night for us
On that night, after dinner, I went to bed. My wife had something to do in kitchen. After half an hour she came in bed. We were tired, fell asleep, in no time. I had office. Tracy was busy in home.

May be slept an hour, a sound came, like knocking on door. I heard in the middle of sleep, couldn't open my eyes. It continued, so, at last I had a break. Light was off. My eyes were searching the object, making sound.Deep darkness all around.Nothing visible. On the left window, there was something, peeping through. After a while, when it became clear in the base, I saw....

A face of skull, skeletal manure hands, pushing the window. It was closed. Could not be open from outside. I heard deep breath. I hold my breath to listen ..yes..breathing.. I had thorns in fear, fast heartbeat. Is this skull coming from grave? A dissatisfied soul ?....Why? Who's soul?

I pushed Tracy, "wake up". My body was fear frozening, and throat dried away. My lips, I couldn't utter her name....My hand was searching mobile.... for torch light.....

Search light! Not street light! There's open field, adjacent land of my house. There can't be light. I tried to get up..But my body paralyzed. Another skull, stood beside the first one, they were two, alive, could move.....Tracy was snoring.

Both were peeping through. My active hand easily found out the light option... I flashed light...

They became frightened, ran away.... these were really skull, not mask. I got back strength..got up and looked through, fear vanished... UFO! An UFO! On my land! My Lord!

My eyes were sleepy, I became shocked!....an UFO! Those two skull..skull or alien! Got into the UFO!.....and immediately the ship took off....

I was following the UFO.....Tracy still snoring.
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