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A dissatisfied soul in my house
: Hello! Proton!
:Who is it?
:How are you?
:I said, who is it whispering? Talk loud!
:I am Sandra. I live here.
:Where are you? Come in front of me.
:I can't.
:What do you want?
:Your company!

:Come in front, or I can't talk.
:Yes, you can talk.
:No, I'm not bound to.
:Are you not writing this night?
:What you got to do with it?
:Write my story! Free my soul!
:What story?
:I'm telling you. Take your pen and paper.
:Why should I write your story?
:To free my soul. People will know how I died. And my soul will rest in peace. Come on! Take your pen.

:Yes! You will. Either you will die!

:Tell your story.

:Once I had flue. My husband called doctor. Coincidence, the doctor was my x lover. We had five years relationship. After break up, I married Roger, my husband. But Dr. Joseph was jealous in my happy conjugal life.I was caring child of Roger. But for jealousy Joseph started poisoning me.....Day by day.....I was going to die.....and my baby...Too.....
:Your husband? Didn't you tell him about Joseph? Poisoning?
:I never had the opportunity to talk.After I had flue, I was senseless.When needle pushed, I opened my eyes, every time I saw jealous face of Joseph. His cruelty....I hate....are you writing?
:Yes, writing.
:Give me word that you will publish the story to the people. Then I'll rest. Publish my story in writing.com
:Of course I'll represent your story. It's really very pathetic. An unborn baby died with mother. Poisoned! For jealousy?
I feel sorry for you Sandra!
:I have taken my revenge!
: How?
:I have killed Joseph.
:After I died, Roger married one of his colleague Susan. Joseph tried to rape Susan. I saw how he became brutal. So I punished. I saved Susan. I thought it was right to kill Joseph.
:Of course you did right. Such a mean spirited man has to die this way

:Have you written the story?
Yes, I'm almost done.
I'm dead, my dissatisfied soul comes here I just want people to know about me and my existence.After this my soul will be freed, I'll leave this house.

:Please publish my story. God will have blessings on you.
:Don't worry! I'll publish! I wish if I could see you.
:There is a photo album, kept hidden into the wall. on your right hand. Break the wall and bring out. There is a lot of pictures with Roger.
:O.k., I'll find out.
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