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entry for NaNoWrMo

Timeless Love - A novel


Jake Cosmos Aller
Chapter One - the Funeral Speech

Sam Adams was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, and his 75th birthday. In preparation for the anniversary, he recorded a video of his life together with his wife Maria Lee. Their love story was unique and would make a great movie Sam thought. The video would be the first draft of their life story so to speak, which he would turn into movie.

He called together Rosa, his niece, and Matt Jacobson, his lawyer, and told them he had prepared the video of his life story, and wanted it to be played both at the wedding anniversary and at the funeral because he felt his time was coming to an end. He also revised his will, and wanted his life story to be written into a movie after he died. He discussed the pending changes to his will and his wishes for the funeral. He told them both that he felt that they needed to be ready to plan the funeral. That night he died peacefully. The video was played at the funeral.

“Hello my name is Sam Adams, and if you are viewing this, I am no longer here among the living and that is okay. I've had a long and eventful life. The central mystery of my life has always been how I met the love of my life, Maria Lee. As some of you know, I literally married the girl of my dreams. But what you may not know is that Maria and I have been soul mates for over 5,000 years and up until this life, our love story always ended up badly as we were from different social classes. She was the daughter of the king or rich family and I was the son of a working class family. Our love was forbidden by the rules of the time.

Twenty years ago to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, we went to a past life analyst and through hypnosis relieved our past lives. We recorded our recollections which I wrote down at the time and posted on my blog, the world according to cosmos. Some of you may have seen it. Well last week I went back to the hypnotist and with her help and the of the Dream lab at Cal, we were able to record all my past lives onto a video and well here it is. I hope that my heirs will turn this into a movie. “

Chapter Two The Dream Begins
It all began ten of thousands of years ago at the dawn of time when Sam first met his soul mate, Maria. they were originally from the planet Sirius and met in the world between worlds before each reincarnation. Their love was cursed from the beginning as they were born under a dark star, doomed to be executed time after time for their forbidden love affairs. Until finally in 1982 the curse was lifted and they had a long and happy life together. This is their true love story of timeless love that crossed the barriers of time, space, distance and different species and races.
They met in the timeless space less world known as the world between worlds where portals wormholes linked various worlds together. Sam and Maria had been sentenced to a time in purgatory waiting final status determination - heaven or hell? the word came down they would be given another chance to get it right and found themselves wandering the deep forest they came to a path lined with gate ways to their past and future lives. first stop Atlantis, last stop was Berkeley, in 1974. that’s when the dreams that haunted Sam’s life began. after jumping in and out of various lives they came to the end of the portals and saw Berkeley, “last stop” and they jumped into Berkeley and started living the dream world.
The dreams started when Sam was a senior at Berkeley high school in 1974, around Maria’s birthday in late May, perhaps. About a month before Sam graduated, he fell asleep in a physics class after lunch and had the first dream:
A beautiful Asian woman was standing next to him talking in a strange language. She was stunning – the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was in her early twenties, with long black hair, and piercing black eyes. She had the look of royalty. She looked at him and then disappeared, beamed out of his dream like in "Star Trek." He fell out of my chair screaming, "Who are you?" She did not answer.
Later that day Sam told his best friend, Robert Sicular who was in the class with him about the dream. He also told them that he knew that he would meet her some day and that was the women he was destined to marry.
Robert said,
“Man that is crazy shit, dude. You had best quit smoking weed before class man. You be high. have any of that shit?
“nah smoked it all up. But dude the dream is real.”
Sam told Robert’s parents, Bob and Ruth about the dream. Bob and Ruth were very closed to Sam. Sam hung out at their house a lot to escape his parents as he had grown up in a very dysfunctional family.
Bob said,
“Well that is the craziest love story I have ever heard so it must be true.”
Ruth said
“Follow your dreams. You will met her someday but you may have to go to Asia to find her. Where do you think she is?”
“Maybe Japan, maybe Korea, maybe Mongolia, maybe Vietnam, maybe Thailand, but not China because whatever she is speaking is not Chinese.”

One day Sam was late for his summer job working in the parks department. He had the dream again about 6 am and it woke him up. Same thing occurs. She is standing there talking to him and she has love in her eyes for him. She reaches out to touch him and then disappears. He felt electricity flowing from her as she touched him. Sam got up and accidentally breaks the mirror in the bathroom. Sam tells his mother who said that he will have seven years of bad luck as a result of breaking a mirror and later Sam thought that he had endured seven years of failed relationships and missed romantic opportunities because fate was conspiring to prevent him from getting seriously involved with anyone else because the universe was saving him for his one true soul mate.

A few days later, Sam is hanging out with his friends Matt and Mark playing pool at his house downstairs in the basement. He tells them that he had the dream again.
Matt says,
“ Dude! that is just too creepy to believe. You should not be telling people that shit, they might think that you are some sort of nutter. I mean we know you are nuts but in a good way and we love ya for it bro, but others well they might think you are certifiable.”
Mark looked at him,
“Yeah dude, that is crazy shit, I mean shit like that ain’t real you know what I mean?”
“Matt, I swear to god it is too. I had the dream again. And I know I am going to meet her and marry her someday.”
“Right on dude. Party on. Whatever man. We believe you. ”
About a month went by and then Sam started having the dream as he called it, repeatedly. Always the same pattern – early morning, she would stand next to him talking, He would ask whom she was, and she would disappear. She was the most beautiful, alluring women he had ever seen and he was struck speechless every time he had the dream.
After a year - Sam’s lost year - where he drank too much, smoked too much weed and flunked out of Oberlin Music college, Sam had finally started his third college, UOP, third college in a row and he was determined to get serious and get his degree after his lost first year.

One day shortly after arriving at UOP he has the dream again.

That night he is smoking weed and drinking with his friend Roy, and Emma and several others. He recounts the recurring dream and again says he knows he is going to meet her and marry her. They all express a degree of polite skepticism.

Roy says, “Dude that shit don’t happen in real life. Get real.”

Emma says, “don’t waste your time looking for her. Either you will find her or someone

else and I am sure you will find the right women someday.”

The dreams continued to haunt Sam. Month after month he would have the dream

sometimes twice in a month. Always the same dream. Everyone he told about the dream told

him that he was crazy – stuff like that never happened in real life.

One day in late May, about a week before he graduated he had been accepted into the Peace Corps. He had a deadline to respond whether he would accept the proposed assignment and he had a choice going to Korea as a TB control worker in August or to Thailand as an ESL teacher in a rural school in October. He was leaning towards Korea. He had taken Japanese and Chinese history classes in college and was fascinated with the region and was curious about Korea. And besides he was ready to get going.

On May 18, 1979 at 5:30 I had a slightly different dream. In the dream, she told me when I asked where she was, “Seoul, Korea.” And smiled at me. And disappeared.

Sam told his housemates, Sara, Sharon, Roy and Kevin about the dream. They all knew that Sam had been having this recurring dream over the years. Sara said,
“Well seems like you need to go to Korea to meet her. I believe you and believe that you are fated to meet her.”
“Well perhaps so but we will still get married at age 50.”
That was a standard joke between them. They both felt that they were best friends but she did not want to have a romantic relationship with Sam but he did. They had been living together for almost three years at this point and in a few weeks they would all be moving on as they were moving out at the end of the month. Sara, Kevin and Sam were all graduating. Sharon and Roy had another year to go. Sharon never came back after being raped in her apartment after she moved out. Roy dropped out of college as his parents could not afford the tuition any more.

Chapter Three Searching for the Dream Girl in Korea

In August 1979, Sam arrived in Korea. He looks around and sees thousands of women who look like the girl in the dream, but none of them are her. He knew in his bones that he was fated to met her. Sam started having that dream on a monthly basis. Usually near the end of the month and almost always first thing in the morning. The dream was always the same. She would repeat the word Aka which I later learned was the Korean word for baby and became her pet name for me once they met. The rest of the conversation he could not understand at all, although over time he began catching a word or two as his Korean improved.

He was always struck speechless and could only mutter the words,

“Who are you? Where are you? When will we meet?”

She would smile at him, with love in her eyes and then beam away.
The dream complicated Sam’s love life. Sam was awkward around women, as he was a bit of nerd and lacked social graces. He also was an intense person and that might have scared people from getting involved with him. He was kind of like the character in the movie, “40 Year Old Virgin”.

Because of the dream, he could not see myself getting involved with anyone else because he knew he was fated to be with her someday. He had a number of girlfriends, but no lovers until his last year in college.
One winter while he was in the Peace Corps he went to Taiwan on a personal visit. He met a famous fortuneteller who made three predictions – He would marry an Asian women, he would marry when he was 27 and he would become a diplomat. All three predictions turned out to be true.
After the Peace Corps, where he worked in a rural health center for two years, two hours east of Seoul, he taught ESL to Koreans who were serving in the US army to fulfill their mandatory military duty (KATUSAS). He also taught BSEP )basic skills to military people. In those days the military was taking in high school drop outs and many of the enlisted people had sub-par reading and math skills. His job was to get them to read and do math at the 8th grade level.
He decided after the Peace Corps had finished to give it one more year in Korea. If I did not meet her by then he would return to Seattle to go to Graduate school at the University of Washington in Korean studies. During that year, he moved about the entire country. Sam was lonely, dissatisfied, and felt that he was wasting his time, and not making much money although his expenses were modest. Sam was also drinking too much and hanging out at bars. He liked to go to the bars and chat up the waitresses and practiced his Korean. They were amused by that and he learned a lot of “street Korean” from them and once a month or so he would take one of them to her room and have sex.

One day he was starting to work for a new contractor, Central Texas College. The previous contractor has lost the contract and he was unemployed for a month and broke as hell. It was the lowest point in his life he thought, down and out almost on the street in Korea. He had about 100 dollars in the bank. Sam was teaching ESL on the side here and there and making some extra money which went for booze and women so Sam was always broke.

One day he decided that he had to tell his employer that he was quitting and returning to the States to go to graduate school. That morning Sam had the final dream. She came to him again, but this time, I understood her Korean.
She said, "
"걱정하지 마십시오. 우리는 곧 함께있을 것이며 우리가 함께 있으면 영원히 함께 할 것입니다. 나는 마지막 생애 이후로 기다리고 있습니다. 그리고 지금 당신을 찾았습니다."
"geogjeonghaji masibsio. ulineun god hamkkeiss-eul geos-imyeo uliga hamkke iss-eumyeon yeong-wonhi hamkke hal geos-ibnida. naneun majimag saeng-ae ihulo gidaligo issseubnida. geuligo jigeum dangsin-eul chaj-assseubnida."

Don't worry, we will be together soon and once we are together we will together forever. I have been waiting since our last life together. And now I found you. “
Don't worry, we will be together soon and once we are together we will together forever. I have been waiting since our last life together. And now I found you.

Chapter Four She walks out of the dreams, off the bus and into Sam’s Life
On Wednesday August 26, 1982 Sam got on a military bus on Camp Casey near where he lived in Tongduchon in a rented room. Tongduchon was a military base town about two hours due north of Seoul, and less than ten miles from the DMZ. Sam was living very basically those days out of a suite case in a rented room as his employer kept sending me all over the country. Sam must have moved at least ten times that year.

Sam was talking with a fellow BSEP teacher about graduate school. We were both quiting soon to go back to the States for graduate school. I was going to study Korean studies at the University of Washington, and Mark was going to study Public Administration at the University of Oklahoma on base. He had started studying at Yongsan and was transferring to the main campus so he could study full time. He highly recommended that I study for a MPA degree as he knew that I was waiting to pass the foreign service test.
That night, Sam got off the bus in front of Camp Red Cloud in Uejongbu City north of Seoul, where he was teaching. Sam got off the bus and the girl in the dream walked off the bus, out of his dreams and into his life. It was the moment he was waiting for all my life. He had been dreaming of that moment for almost eight years. And here she was.

Sam was struck speechless. He stared at her and she stared at him And there was an instant connection, love at first sight for both of them. She was with another fellow teacher, Jim. Jim introduced us. They were going to see a movie and I told them I would meet them at the cafeteria at 8:30.

The class went by in a blur. Sam was still stunned that he had met her. I met them in the cafeteria and had a burger and coffee and so did she. Jeff said good bye and would meet me later. We talked about her life and my life. Then I proposed that we meet up on Friday morning for a hike and further talks. I was off on Friday.
She spoke English pretty good as she was an English Education major at Sungsil Woman’s university and was a senior. She was 23 years old and Sam was 26 years old. Sam was born in the year of the goat and she was born in the year of the pig. According to fortune tellers we had a perfect astrological chart and were soul mates. In any event it was love at first sight for both of us, or as Koreans say

‘처음에 사랑
cheoeum-e salang ‘.

Sam told her that he was teaching nights only for that week and would be teaching some day time classes the following month but for now his days were pretty wide open until 5 pm when I had to leave for his evening classes which started at 6 and lasted until 9 pm.

She agreed to meet him on Friday at 9 am for breakfast and then they would go for a hike in a mountain park near by that Sam had not been to and neither had she.
That night Sam called his best friend Robert and told him that I had met the girl in the dream. Robert had been in the class in high school when Sam first had the dream.
“Robert, man you won’t believe what just happened. I met her. The girl in the dream. She is a college student. We are getting together Friday and I am going to propose to her then and we will get married in a few months. “
“Jake, you are insane you know. That shit just does not happen in real life.”
“yeah I know but what the fuck. She is real and is the girl in the dream. I had the dream yesterday. She said we would meet soon and well here we are.”
“well what can I say, dude. Go for it.”
Sam also called his friend Matt who had also witness the dream and told him the story.
“ Matt, man you won’t believe what just happened. I met her. The girl in the dream. She is a college student. We are getting together Friday and I am going to propose to her then and we will get married in a few months. “
“Jake, you are insane you know, and I can’t believe that shit. That shit just does not happen in real life. Have you been drinking or doing drugs?
“yeah I know that but what the fuck. She is real and is the girl in the dream. And no I am not drunk and have not done drugs for several years as you know. I had the dream yesterday. She said we would meet soon and well here we are.”
“well what can I say, dude. Go for it. When will you get married?”
“I think we will see about that but soon within a few months or so. I am postponing going to Seattle, will go with her – she will have to apply for graduate school anyway why not go to school with me. We’ll make it happen. Don’t you worry, man. Shit just got real.”
Sam called his Father and Mother and told them that he had decided to defer graduate school for a year. He was going to change jobs and make some additional money to save up for graduate school. He was sure that he could get deferred admission and had sent a letter to the University that morning. They both said that they understood. Sam wanted to tell them about the girl but did not know how they would react other than questioning his sanity and perhaps demanding that he return home for medical treatment.
The next day Sam wrote to the University of Washington and asked for a one year deferral of admission as something had come up that required me to stay in Korea for one more year.

The next night she was waiting for him at the army base where he was to teach a class. She told him she had to see him as she had something to tell him. Sam signed her on to the base and left her at the library to study. They went out for coffee after class. She told Sam she was madly in love with him and that he was the man for her. Sam told her not to worry as he felt the same.

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