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Written for my twin daughters, who I haven't seen for three years and miss so much.
I thought I was done with the tears
But, what would I know about me
Just getting by...from day to day
Imagining if I had done things a different way

Thoughts that only serve regret
And it's been too long for that now
Acceptance is a hard pill to swallow
But, time provides just enough drink to get it down

Every now and again I feel it coming
When something reminds me of you
Averting the emotions is futile
And if I am alone...I cry

I was a strong man once upon a time
You would look up at me and I would smile at your beautiful face
Those days are now just a distant memory
And I am over it...or so I keep saying

The truth is, things will never be the same
Like the days you were by my side
I tell myself I am better off anyway
But, I know in my heart that's a lie

I gave you life...you gave me joy
I taught you much...but you taught me so much more
Life isn't about the gifts we give
It's about love and appreciating the time we have

I miss you more than a cool breeze
More than I ever knew I could
Now, it's time to put these feelings away
Until next time my thoughts return to you

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