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This is how a republic dies

To Remember Fear and Loathing, Forever-

a musing, nee, a reflection.

Relax. It won't hurt.

Welcome to Earth, where do I begin? I suppose you could say it starts with the new decade. In the past 30 years, with the invention of the internet, we have seen countless lives put through the wringer, whether it be from fame to shame, or vice versa. Every ounce, every single shred of dignity we have had, every pinch of privacy wasting away, like flesh rotting and tearing from a diseased carcass, it's foul odor cooking the in the summer air. What was once a bastion of freedom, a means of escape has surely become the downfall of society. Society, what even is a society? A town full of people? An idea? Who knows anymore, because I sure as hell don't.

We have seen nothing but greedy and priveleged folk using it as a means to enforce ideologies into the minds of young and naive souls. They try to sell us our own freedoms back to us. It all starts with Capitalism. Not that I am blaming Capitalism on our problems, but it does have a hand in it. A lot of people see it as a means of production. Quite a few on the other hand use it as a tool of destruction. Once you have these ape minded money junkies locked away in their half billion dollar homes, they somehow gain control of the populace through propaganda and advertising.

Bill gates is a good example. He most likely got his PhD off of the back of a cereal box. From what I can tell, the only man crazy enough to claim to be a doctor is the computer geek that tried to take apart your tandy 1000 because he felt it was necessary for his survival. Every ludicrous endeavour the man, no, freak has ever intoroduced onto the planet has in one way or another ended up in disaster, Yet he still manages to rake in millions because of it. Covering up for the fact that you can very easily wipe out the population of a middle eastern village by sticking a damn needle in their childrens' arms. Even Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX believes he is a nut job.

There is another man of power, but he is out in the open with, I would say, at least 90% of his future prophecies. A genius with that much money doesn't die a hero. We've all seen the Bond films. If I were to guess, that man is one step away from becoming the next Dr. No, or Emilio Largo. Now let's take a look at how else these technologies have royally fucked our youth and current prime members of society; Privacy.

Everywhere you turn, you see a memory, a nostalgia trip from ten minutes ago. These days all you see plastered onto billboards and windows are what we call "targeted advertising". It is something out of the twilight zone. You can't go 12 feet without having an image violently blasted into your face, of the product that you were just thinking of the moment before you even turned the damn corner. It is sickening. As with technology, comes the ever growing invasion of our dearest and most prized possession, which has to be reminded to people time and time again, it is to be protected by the constitution that our founding fathers wrote to protect us in the first place.

Everyone is too distracted with their own hands, staring into the electric void of madness waiting for someone to drag them from their addiction. It reads into your eyes, it feels your thoughts, and it clutches onto your soul. No matter where you run or hide, it will always be there. Governing bodies aren't even safe from it. Combined with Capitalism, it is a recipe for disaster. One day in the future, you will have everything pumped into your cortex by force, as a vegetable, stuck in the matrix, row by row, column by column, sucking the life out of people, like a double-A battery. Once you lose that, it's game over. Humanity, that's another amusing definition.

What makes us human? The ability to think? Compassion and love? Is it just a label we have given ourselves to cover up the fact that we are essentially infathomable monsters, willing to destroy just so we can buy one more luxury car, watch one more movie, and eat one more greasy meal? Whatever it is, it is being sucked out of us indefinitely. Now we're stuck, past the point of no return. We are heading towards a certain apocalypse, composed of greedy corporate bastards, whiny liberal prissy pads, and lazy decadent politicians who get a say in what you're OK to do with your life.

The hypocrisy is enough to drive a man to suicide. Some people say things are not getting fast enough. I for one believe now, with how far advanced we are, we are moving TOO fast. Where, when we make it to the end goal, there is no cushy pillow of feathers waiting for us, instead, it is a reinforced concrete wall, with a big red target painted on it, and you are the projectile. We are all projectiles speeding off to the visceral doom which many of us fear, yet the rest of us strive for. It is pretty sad, when life on this beautiful green and blue planet is made miserable enough for the suicide rate to skyrocket within a single year.

Now everybody is worried about losing their lives over a virus, which let's be real, doesn't even exist in the first place. There IS a pandemic, but it isn't killing people in the way you think it is. It is killing our freedoms, our livelihoods, our families and friendships. Everywhere you look, masks that only act as a false sense of security, just like the TSA or your password to your pornhub account. Somewhere along the line the fearmongering drilled into people's heads worked its way into their nerve center and has scared them into believing it is the end of the world.

The masses are now robots, easily programmable to the very whim of a few wealthy tycoons and intellects, who only want one thing. Power. They have a plan for us. I don't think you will like it. I already know what it is, and I don't like it either. If you have taken the time to read this, then I am sure you know where I am going. The future is as uncertain as you make it to be. I am certain that it is going to be one hell of a ride, but the funny thing is, I don't ever remember buying a ticket in the first place. Did you?

Everybody thinks that authority is some giant dick you have to suck in order to get by in life, but I beg to differ. The media and major corporations have worked in unison to successfully brainwash the masses into believing that the government and police are here to help you. Help you from your own inhibitions. Help you give up everything you hold morally and socially. They help themselves by helping you give them your money. Taxes are fine. Literally. Taxes are a fine, they are a fine for living. You have to pay directly inorder to even exist in the first place. Well, when the cost of living skyrockets, most people would feel it's a lot cheaper to just buy a gun and a bullet and take their own life.

I don't blame them. We have seen both sides of a very rusty and dilapidated coin, fruitless in its efforts of flipping heads or tails, because they are both just so undesirable, it's better to toss it in the drain and leave it to the gators. Now I am not just rambling, there is a means to my provocative ends. I wish to spark thought, critical thought that only the awakened can ascertain. On one side, you have greedy corporate shills and their puppets and supporters. On the other side are the people who are just trying to go about their lives without the fear and threat of violence, coming from the opposite end of the spectrum. You are either with us or you are against us, the old saying goes.

I am with nobody but myself, and that alone is a dangerous sentiment. If you are alone, then everybody is your enemy. The media, the sheep, the government, the corrupt and glamorous scam artists, such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Am I striking a nerve yet? Good. 2020 is going to be the year where virtues and morals have gone and shit the bed, then died miserably. Were we ever really free? Or were we just sold the illusion of freedom? You are free to choose between 2 or 3 predestined options, that were always going to screw you in the end in the first place. The way I see it, if the system is designed in such a way that it makes you believe you are making a difference, yet yields no results, then it is best to just not vote. Who am I to tell you that, though?

I mean, after all, it IS YOUR choice! You can choose, and you can choose not to choose. It is a catch 22. I always felt like life was a spectator sport to begin with, anyway. It is better to sit back and watch the calamity unfold than to take part in it.

Now let's get to the election, right now, we have corruption that would make Richard Nixon look like Santa Claus, voter fraud is rampant throughout america, this year, it only seems like just now is it happening, but truth be told this shit is a repeat of the last election, with Hillary Clinton "in the lead" but Donald Trump still beat her out of the water, and made everyone on the whole west coast flip their collective lids, like when the coffee is too hot. These days we have examples of rigged elections being shoved right into our faces.

The left is literally STEALING the election. With poll watchers being denied entry to polling facilities, trucks carrying mail in ballots suddenly bursting into flames, bags of votes found in dumpsters, at the bottoms of lakes, then a bunch for the left magically appearing out of thin air, yeah, it's a real shit show for everyone. Now that the world is divided, it will be a lot easier for them to take what they want, by they, I mean the state, our enforcers.

God has been dead for years, and only now are they taking what's left of his rotten carcass and tossing it aside, since they can't even let us assemble for our religious purposes, because "we might take ill". Now let me ask you, which sounds more preferable, 4 more years of economic growth and less military intervention in the rest of the world, or mandatory jabs of chemical cocktails, permanent stay at home detentions, and Boots of a foreign invader stomping on our soil for political and financial purposes? You already know which belongs to who, don't even bother asking.

Colors don't mean shit anymore either. When you say you care about lives of certain ethnicities, but then turn around and ridicule and attack the very people you claim to defend for choosing the other side's beliefs, then it isn't about color. There is no Black, White, Blue, or Red.

There is only chaos in this wretched land. What was once a freedom loving place of opportunities and free spirits, has become a wasteland of anger, hypocrisy, and urban decay. They call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it. It's almost worth getting a case of SUNDS.

The only thing left on the horizon, is fear and loathing, forever. Whether or not you believe the man you chose was good, whether or not you believe your choice matters, the game was always rigged from the start. That is why I choose not to play it. That is why I call it a spectator sport. If you are behind the wall, in the stands, then it's only a rare occurence for someone to get hurt. Personally, I like to heckle the players every now and then to see if they lose their temper. If they do, so be it, it was worth a watch, and it will be until I am good and dead.

-I hope this excerpt has started your think train, because in due time, you will have to decide. Are you with the masses, or are you with the minority, the free thinking individuals who risk it all to beat conformity? Good luck, and thank you, once again.

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