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the star crossed lovers find themselves in Scotland in 850 AD where Sam is a Viking King
Timeless Love Scotland 850 AD

Sam and Marie were again in the world between worlds again back at the hut stocked with food. After dinner, and a lovemaking session, they slept in, then went looking at their fate and saw a sign for a “Viking adventure tour” and said

" This is it”

And Sam found himself to be Ake, Song of Asgard.

Ake, Son of Asgard, the King of the Vikings met his senior staff to discuss the pending raid of Scotland. He told his staff,

“This should be a very important raid, and I am going to propose that we conclude an alliance with Laird Mc Pearson Laird of Inverness, the local Laird of the Scottish coast.”

Ake was a believer in old Norse religions and a mystic. A fellow traveler who had been to the Indies had talked to them about Buddhist principles, including reincarnation and the cosmic law of Karma. He believed in karma and fate. He was not a Christian, which was a religion that was rapidly spreading across the realms and the new religion of the Scottish.

The Dream

He had a dream, he said, in which he was making love to Saoirse the daughter of the Laird Mc Pearson Laird of Inverness. She was to be his wife the next day.

She was naked and the most beautiful woman in all the realms. She had delightful long black hair, black burning diamond eyes that bore into your soul, filled with lustful mischief and intrigue. She had beautiful breasts that demanded attention from both men and woman, promising endless carnal delights and an ass to die for demanding attention.

He told his men,

“She is an angel sent from heaven to save my soul and satisfy my every need. Who am I to go against the will of the Gods?”
the men cheered and got ready to launch “Operation Seize the Laird’s Daughter “.

The mission would be simple: they would raid the coast, pillaging and raping, as usual, taking what they wanted. But they would propose a truce, a peace treaty of sorts. The Laird would promise his daughter to be his wife,

And five noblewomen for his key staff. They would remain behind with their new wife’s and become lairds of the land and loyal to the King of Scotland, and to the King of the Norse-lands. His son, the grandson of the Laird would return as an adult to become the next laird and he would retire as an old sailor to raid no more.

They sailed at dawn and arrived the next day with the dawn as was their custom. They marched on to the Castle marauding as they went. They surrounded the castle and demanded a parlay with the Laird.

the laird came out, and Ake made his pitch

“Laird, I am prepared to offer you a truce. A peace settlement of sorts. If you give me your daughter in marriage and five noblewomen for my key People, we will leave you in peace. My noblemen will retire in your land and become loyal subjects. My future son, your grandson, will return as an adult to claim his share of the kingdom, and I will retire here as a retired sailor and assist him in ruling your realms.”

The Laird responded,

“ I will convey your message to my daughter, but it is her decision. And the other noblewoman will have to consent. It will help if your men and yourself converted to the one True God and accept Jesus as your savior, and have a Christian marriage and raise your children as Christians. If she accepts your proposal, we have a deal. “

The laird called his daughter to his room and told her of the proposal. He said.
“You should accept the proposal as it will spare our people's much grief and
misery, and besides, he is quite good looking for a barbarian.”

“Tell him I will accept on two circumstances. First, that we spend the night.together as lovers. If he can satisfy every carnal desire and prove to be a magnificent lover and a good man, then we can get married. And he would have to agree to raise my son, your grandson, as a true Christian.”

The laird conveyed the decision to the Viking King. Her arrogance and her erotic desires amused King Ake, She came to him at sunset and said

“I am going to instruct you on the art of making love to me. If you satisfy my carnal desires, I will marry you. And you will have no other lovers but for me. You will make love to me every night per my instructions. I am in charge of the bed Are we clear?"

“Yes, my lady, we are clear, I will do anything you desire as you have bewitched my soul, having appeared to me in my dreams. And you are even more beautiful than I had imagined possible.”

“Good. First things take a bath and shave. You stink. I need you to be clean enough for eating, and I will do the same = first thing we are going to do is eat each other enjoying oral sex which is my favorite.

When he finished, she stood naked by the bed and told him, pointing at her breasts you can have them and me any way you want, after we have oral sex, and they made love all night until the dawning sun.

Meanwhile, while they were during their mad lovemaking, The Laird had changed his mind. The deal was off. He and his men crept into the Viking tents and killed them all and the five-noble woman.
the Laird summoned the Viking King and his daughter to him,

“We condemn you to death for the crime of fornication before marriage and refusing to have a Christian marriage. Any last words before I send you to hell, the only afterlife you will ever know?”

The Viking king turned to his bride and said,

“The only crime I have committed is making love to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I would like you to marry us before you carry out the sentence. “

His bride said,

“Please, daddy.”

They summoned a priest who conducted a marriage mass and married them.

He concluded,

“I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride before we proceed” with the execution. Do you accept Jesus as your savior?”

“ No? well May God have mercy on your souls.”

And as usual, their past lives in Atlantis, Rome, Crete, Shilla, and now Scotland overwhelmed them.
the Viking king said

“See you in my next life, my timeless love.”
and the king himself beheaded them.

The Laird has his men put the dead Vikings and their consorts, including the five noblewomen who had disgraced the Laird by agreeing to be with the barbaric Vikings, on their ships. They then set the ships on fire and allowed them to sink beneath the ocean waves according to the ancient burial rites of the Vikings because the King and the head priest had decided that they would not allow a Christian burial because they had refused to convert.

The End
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