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An introspective appraisal of life and the choices made...and the final conclusion.
How good does it feel?
To have something that was just a dream
Something that transcends the physical
Yet tangible enough to touch

A reality so strong
Born from a weakened spirit
Brought alive by hope and desperation
Sort from the dust of angels

Natural selection was my downfall
From downfall came necessary rebirth
Saved from the jaws of pessimism
Out of the lion's den and into the fire

Pity was my only friend
"Poor me!" the rallying cry
Self-indulgence no matter the cost
A pathetic life left behind

This dream seems so real
But then...don't they all at the time
To wake and find my dream is dead
A nightmare I dare not find

Hope shall never be forgotten
And even in my darkest hour
The blackest night comes only to reveal
A light that shines bright just for me

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