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Things I am grateful for in my life
This was done for the "Invalid Item. It was actually very cathartic to write thinking about all the people, experiences and accomplishments I am grateful for in my life.


Sometimes it is easy to forget that I have a lot to be thankful for. Here are some of things that come to mind. These are not in by importance... they are just listed in the order they popped into my head

I am thankful for …
1) My brother Gabriel- I am the oldest of 3 brothers. Gabe is the youngest. I love him a lot.
2) My brother Jacob- The middle of the 3. Jacob is awesome. He is hardworking and smart and I really admire him.
3) My Father- My dad is really cool. He is very intelligent, hardworking, kind and always manages to keep a cool head. He inspires a lot. I really look up to him very much.
4) My Mother- My mother is very artistic and she really worked hard looking after our family.
5) My friend Anton- I've known Anton since elementary school making him one of my oldest friends. We became best friends in the 5th grade. He was always very nice.
6) My friend Larry- I became friends with Larry in Highschool (tenth grade). He helped me make it though that year. When Larry came to school, he was still learning English having transferred from China. He always said that he was grateful to me for being one of the only people to be friends with him when he was new to this country. The truth is that I was grateful to him... I didn't really have any close friends in high school before him. I was very happy to be friends with him
7) My friend Abel- I met Abel later in Highschool. He was always very nice and kind to me.
8) My friend Jon- In the last year I attended a rigorous Computer training program to help me land a job in the computer field. Jonathan was my room mate. I was very lucky as Jonathan turned out to be best in our batch. There were a lot of times he helped me make it through this training.
9) Ramiro- One of my new friends I made at work this year. My job requires a lot of training. Ramiro and I found ourselves studying together. It was thanks to Ramiro that a lot of programming concepts solidified in my mind.
10) Jason G- Another good friend from my senior year in high school. Jason has a good heart. One of goals he revealed to me during our chats was that he wanted everyone to graduate happy. It pretty says everything about him.
11) My bike- I love bike riding and this bike has helped me travel all over the city. I've biked hundreds of miles on it. It is a folding Brompton so it can get compact and easy to carry when I'm not using it. My brother Jacob was the one that got it for me.
12) Pizza- Pizza is great and tasty. Growing up in New York I've had some very good slices. Lasagna pizza is one of my guilty pleasures.
13) Root beer- My favorite soda flavor and drink hands down.
14) Ice Cream- Who isn't grateful for sweet taste of Ice Cream?
15) My Laptop - I've had this laptop for six year and it is still holding together. I use this laptop a lot and I am definitely thankful for it.
16) My job - Given the current economy, I am very grateful to have a job doing something that I really love. I took me a long time to get a position in this field.
17) Writing.com - This site is one of my favorite past times. I've been part of this community for 13 years now. It is great. ^_^
18) My blog - Around the time I joined the site. I opened a blog on blogger which has been pretty successful. It gave me the opportunity to share my interests and make a lot of new friends.
19) Match (his username). One of the early friends I made working on my blog. He's been a great friend and he's also helped my blog grow a lot.
20) Melroser- He was one of the people who inspired me to join WDC. He's been a great friend.
21) Dan - Another friend from blogger. Kindhearted and Intelligent. Dan is cool headed and easy to get a long with.
22) Gumball - Another great friend from blogger. When work forced me to step away from blogger. Gumball stepped in keeping my site alive for me.
23) Custom. Another blogger friend. Custom passionately shares the same interests as I do. He is great to talk to.
24) Breakthewalls - My friend on both Blogger and WDC. We chat pretty regularly. He is very cool.
25) Dylan M - One of my early friends on WDC. There are very few people I've known for the entire span of time on here who are still around today. Dylan is one those few.
26) His Divine Shadow - Of my wdc friends, His Divine Shadow is the one I keep in most contact with. Sometimes my job takes makes take breaks from wdc. HDS always good and checks up on me even when I have to disappear from the site for months on end. He is one of my best friends.
27) Stefan - is another early friend from WDC and blogger who I still keep in touch with. He also inspired me to join this site.
28) Other WDC friends - It would take too long to list out all my wdc friends individual but there are a lot of others. Some like Inky writer, Clear Diamond, Tina and Schnujo I've just started interacting with this year and others like Vicanity, Venom, Batman4 and the Vile. I've known for quite some time.
37) Dean - Another blogger friend recently our friendship has been a little bit strained but he's been a good friend in the past and I am grateful for that.
38) Paganax - Paganax joined my blogging team recently. He's one of the best bloggers on my site covering each character he does very thoroughly.
39) JTurner - A friend I know from blogging and Facebook. He always tips me off on great anime and cartoon shows to check out.
40) Juancho - I met Juancho on WDC but that friendship continued onto blogger and Facebook. We share a lot of the same interests such as anime, classic cartoons and comic books. He is always great with his recommendations.
41) Other blogging friends - Like WDC I have a lot of other blogging friends I've made over the years (Black Viper, Shadowmandude, Rich, Mrbateman, Martin, Bountydawg). I'd like to recognize that I'm grateful for them too.
42) My Thai Heritage - I'm half Thai and half American. I'm grateful for my Thai background giving me a view of that culture.
43) My American Heritage - I've lived in the USA most of my life. I'm grateful and proud to be American as well.
44) Leo - Leo is another old childhood friend who I knew into my teens and into college. She's intelligent and brave and a big animal lover... I admire her a lot.
45) Maggie - I met Maggie in high school and we teamed up and partnered for several Math and French projects together. She pushed me to do my best and was a really good friend even though I was very shy and not as talkative. Her goal was to be a doctor which I imagine she succeeded at.
46) Julia M. - Julia was a great friend. We worked together in my first job as a camp counselor and she lived in my neighborhood. She was very nice and we'd spend the rides to work talking to one another. She once saved me from getting on the wrong bus home and winding up in an unknown part of the Bronx which I would never forget.
47) Aunt Tum - One of my Maternal aunts. She was pretty strict and I didn't like her much when I was younger but she taught me a lot of things like reading Thai, how to navigate the New York bus and subway system and even how to ride a motorcycle.
48) Uncle Troh - My Aunt Tum's husband. In contrast to my Aunt he is calmer and kinder. Even though we weren't related by blood...he's always looked out for me and my brothers like we were.
49) My Aunt Nila - Smart and funny. My aunt is a teacher. I spent a year abroad in Thailand working as a Math and Computer Teacher and my Aunt was the person I really relied upon. She helped show me the ropes of teaching.
50) My Ancestors - I'm proud and grateful for the family I've came from and my ancestors both on my American and Thai side.
51) My Interactive - Probably my biggest project on WDC. It has over 1000 chapters and some great storylines. A lot of people have helped it grow. I am happy it is doing well.
52) My Cousins - I grew with two of my younger cousins. We letter got to travel the world around in Asia together as adults. I am really thankful for having them in my family. I also know I wasn't the easiest person to get along with when I was younger so thank you for putting up with me too.
53) My Uncle Jak and Aunt Cat - Another pair of relatives who were patient enough to put up with me as a kid.
54) My boss Ram - In my new position Ram was nice enough to take me on even though I was still new to this field. I am extremely grateful for that.
55) My current Co-workers - So far they've been extremely helpful to a rookie helping me learn and develop my skills in this new opportunity.
56) The ability to learn and grow - a valuable skill which I hope never to take for granted.
57) Kim V. - One of my mother's friends who helped me get one of my early positions as a Math and Reading tutor. She looked out for me the entire time I worked there.
58) Ann - Ann was one of the teachers I worked with during my year abroad in Thailand. She was very nice. Recently when I underwent a background check for my new job I needed a reference from that school. Ann was extremely helpful in getting me one going well above and beyond what I requested from her.
59) Aunt Tara - I don't remember this but my Aunt Tara babysat me when I was just a baby and looks out for me every time I visit Thailand. I feel a bond to her and we both have a love for computers.
60) David - David was an English teacher who I met when I was working in Thailand. He was very nice and befriended me while I was there. A good guy.
61) Oliver - Oliver taught science at the Thai school I worked for. He helped me learn the procedures at the school. I wouldn't have been able to get the midterm grading done without him.
62) Som - Another Thai teacher who helped me prepare students to compete in an English tournament.
63) Bawn - A Thai computer teacher who helped me through and organize the computer teaching curriculum. He was a great friend too. Actually in general I've been pretty lucky to have teachers/co-workers (Gop, Ind, Art, Alexis, Nu, Jerome, Alice, Charles, Jill etc) willing to help me.
64) My paternal Grandmother - A strong woman who had the energy and charisma to charm anyone she knew. I admire her a lot.
65) My paternal Grandfather - Smart and kind. My grandfather was a chemist. He taught me a lot such as using tools and science concepts like electricity and momentum. I probably got into computers because of him. I learned how to program using his computer... an old IBM monochrome computer.
66) My maternal Grandmother - A nurse for the Thai army. She was very courageous. I learned health concepts from her,
67) My maternal Grandfather - He was a doctor who became a Buddhist monk later in life. He taught me how to meditate as a child.
68) Mr Schwab - My English teacher. A former actor. He added a flair to teaching English literature. He also made an effort to reach out to students. As a shy student ... he really encouraged me.
69) Mr. Cohen - My 9th grade history teacher who managed to balance between controlling the class and getting students interested in learning. He reached out to me as a student.
70) Mr Krumper - My 7th grade Jr. High school English teacher. I didn't like him at first but he earned my respect by showing how much he cared about his students. I remember losing my English textbook and he covered for me so I wouldn't have to pay the replacement fee for it. It was a very kind act. He become my favorite teacher in the school.
71) Passion - Strong feelings/emotions and interests make the world so much more colorful.
72) My first kiss - Thank you Lauren for that memory. It was very sweet.
73) Mr Brennan - My Spanish teacher in 8th grade. I had a rough time with my previous Spanish teacher before him. Mr Brennan was also my homeroom teacher and much nicer by comparison. I was able to pass the high school Spanish proficiency test so he was a good teacher as well.
74) Madame De Yager - She was my French teacher in highschool and probably my best language teacher. She also served as my 11th grade advisor and graduation commencement speaker. I liked her class a lot.
75) Mr. Wray - My Algebra teacher. He was tough but he did make sure you learned the subject.
76) Ms Joseph- My computer and math teacher. I really got a lot of computer skills from her. I also credit her with introducing me to Java very early on when it was just gaining popularity. I tried taking an AP math Statistics course with her but the workload proved to much. She did her best to help me with it though but at the time there was just too much homework for me to do well in it.
77) Tula - Another childhood friend. She was smart and nice to me.
78) My Students - I had a lot of students during my time as a tutor and teacher. They inspired me to up my game and do my best to help them learn.
79) The Temple Abbot of the Lopburi Mountain Temple- I followed in my grandfather's footsteps becoming a monk for a short period of time. This abbot was in charge of the temple where I was ordained as a monk. He is well respected and liked. He was wise and calm and had a lot of patience. During my time at the temple he looked out for me but I think all the monks would agree that he did that for everyone there.
80) Ida - My first grade student teacher / second grade teacher. I learned reading with her.
81) Connie - was my 3rd / 4th grade teacher. I remember her as being strict but I learned a lot in her class and I did well with her. Most memorable is her teaching use to make scale models and papier mache.
82) Sammy - My pet hamster. I got him as a baby from Leo (see 44). He was really cute. He passed away a long time ago but he was my first pet.
83) Snakes - My brother Gabe's favorite animal. He would want me to mention them.
84) Whales - My own favorite animal. They are majestic.
85) The Color blue - My favorite color. It is relaxing to look at.
86) 321 Contact magazine = These magazines are no longer in print. They were really great though teaching children about science. They had an article called basic programming with small programs you could write. This was one of my early exposures to coding. They also had short stories featuring a pair of travelers called the Time Team which I loved reading. It was my earlier exposure to Sci Fi.
87) Prof John Fine- One of my literature teachers in college. I took courses in Milton and Shakespeare from him. It was thanks to him that I read Paradise lost.
88) Hope - Something that I don't think the world can do without.
89) Rabbi Saben - I fondly remember listening to Rabbi Saben's sermons on the Jewish High Holidays. He had an energy that pulled the congregation in.
90) Aunt Bonnie - I talked a lot about my Thai Aunts but the aunt I have on my American side is awesome too. Like my paternal grandmother my aunt has charm and the ability to put people at ease. She was the one that got me and my brothers our first video game system.
91) Prof Murray - My first advisor in college. He was very nice. We read Plato and learned about Socrates in his class. I also read the play a "Raisin in the Sun" under him.
92) Dreams - I'm grateful they give us something to aspire to.
93) Mrs Mcloud - My advisor and English teacher for my senior year. She helped me graduate from Highschool pushing me to turn in my English paper and Senior project when I was close to falling apart.
94) Prof Hufford - I took an intermediate course in Shakespeare from him. He was very good and got me engaged in reading Shakespeare's plays. The most memorable ones from his courses were Julius Caesar and Coriolanus. He was also gracious enough to extend the final paper deadline for me when I missed it sparing me a failing grade.
95) Last Minute Saves - Speaking of extended deadlines. I've had a lot of close calls similar to that where I should have started work earlier but managed to pull through. I'm thankful for that. I've also managed to pull off a lot in a small amount of time. Hopefully I've got wiser now though and will be able to avoid close calls like that in the future.
96) Prof Vida - I took a course in revenge tragedy from her in college. She's another teacher who reached out to me. She was very good.
97) Prof Bashias - My first programming teacher at the college level. I got an A in his course and he taught me some programming concepts I remember to this day.
98) Mr Green - I wound up taking a Buddhism course in college that Mr Green taught. It clarified some concepts about Buddhism for me. I did really well in his course.
99) Professor Barnhart - My world War II history teacher. Probably one of the best History teacher I've ever had. Barnhart describes historic events in such dramatic detail they really stick in your mind and make you able to visualize them. I was also in college during Sept 11th attack and Barnhart also spoke about the event. He gave a very comforting speech including some historical allusions to Pearl Harbor.
100) Prof Cheo - Professor Cheo taught one of the more interesting literature courses I've taken. He is responsible for introducing me to two of my favorite books 'Red Sorghum' and 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' (both of which appear on this list later on).
101) Russ - My math and science teacher. He was the assistant principal of my elementary school. He was strict but nice and encouraging to me. One of the key topics I remember him teaching me about was Velocity and Mathematical operations.
102) Prof. Lahti - My acting teacher in college. He taught me a lot of valuable information about theater and acting.
103) Jenn - She made my acting class enjoyable and was always kind to me.
104) Kim B. - Thank you for partnering with me in our Great Menagerie scene. You gave me really good advice.
105) Diana - If you are reading this you always make me smile.
106) Kevin K - My college room mate. He introduced me to a lot of cool anime shows including Inuyasha and Star Ocean.
107) Napalm (Nickname) - A friend of my aunts who was very nice to me when I was a kid. She also wound up teaching in the same school as me.
108) Mr Jacobs - My 10th grade history teacher. He was fairly strict but I did well in his class. One of his skills was that he was able to articulate what you needed to do in order to improve your writing and I felt he was far with his grading. The high school I attended encouraged revision. Some of my other teachers from that school especially in the history department would give you notes on your writing/projects but even taking them into account and revising your work ... your grade didn't go up that much. Mr. Jacobs at least gave you the information to improve your projects/work and encouraged that improvement.
109) Mr Waldoff - My 8th grade Social Studies/debate/gym teacher He taught me a lot and was very nice. One of the big topics I remember from him was the history of the Civil War which our class covered in detail.
110) Ms Flora - My science teacher... she was too strict (think Devil Wears Prada) but I did learn a lot from her. I have to credit her with getting the class to memorize Newton's laws of motion. Also despite her strictness she accepted some last minute projects from me preventing me from failing her class.
111) Greg - My college roommate during my Freshman and Sophomore years. He was very cool and taught me how to play darts. He also introduced me to one of the best hot dog places in New York and invited me to watch a band perform at CBGB. This allowed me to see that legendary club before it closed down.
112) Luck - There have been a lot of times in my life where things worked out for me due to luck (knock on wood) and I'm extremely grateful for that.
113) James S. - One of my oldest friends. James is a fellow science fiction fan who worked together with me. I love talking sci fi with you James.
114) Trina O. - Another person with a spunky personality I worked with in the past that made me smile.
115) Ronald - Hands down my best friend in Jr. High School. Thank you for your kindness and friendship.
116) Knowledge - I really value all the knowledge I learned and I am thankful for it.
117) Superman - My favorite DC Superhero. He always inspires me.
118) Vera - I was having a hard time this year and Vera my supervisor encouraged me and kept me on track.
119) Star Trek - I am a big science fiction nerd. You will see a lot of sci fi series I am thankful for on this list.
120) Red Sorghum - One of my favorite literary works. This novel's writing was so good that it allowed you to vividly visualize what was happening as you read it. The storyline was also very intense
121) One Hundred Year of Solitude - A great must-read novel.
122) Tan Daw - I will say that my time as a Buddhist priest was filled with kind and helpful people who I learned a lot from. Tan Daw was one of leader monks of the temple there. He taught me the routines and prayers. He also helped me with Walking meditation
123) Lueng Pra Pan - Another of the leader monks at the temple. He was very welcoming and encouraging when I first joined. He still kept in contact with me writing to me after I left the temple.
124) Tan Boy - Another Buddhist monk from the temple who guided me.
125) Chess - As you can tell from my Screen name. I love chess. It is a great strategy game and I am thankful that it exists.
126) Tan Tien - Another monk leader who looked out for me at the temple.
127) Jack C. - My Hebrew teacher. He taught me how to read Hebrew and some basic conversation skills in that language.
128) Ed - We attended Computer training together and worked on one of our major projects together. We also wound up getting a job at the same company afterwards and rented an apartment together. A nice guy and good friend. I have to credit Ed with helping me study for the job interview which landed me this job.
129) Efrain - Another really good friend who teamed up on a project together when I was Computer training in Virginia. He grew up in the Bronx as well. I didn't have a car during my time in Virginia but Efrain was kind enough to drive me back and forth so we could complete the project.
130) Justin - Another friend I made during computer training. We wound up working at the same place.
131) Nathan - Another partner from my last project. He was a nice friend and a wiz at Front End development. Efrain, Ed, Nathan and I prepared our portfolios together.
132) Bryan - Bryan worked on another large scale project with me. We were both part of the Backend team and I found a friend I could talk with.
133) Pequito - Listing all the friends I've known that I'm grateful for. I can't help thinking about one of the first friends I made in Pre-school. I remember us listening to a tape of a Haunted House read-along adventure story starring Mickey Mouse together.
134) Kelly - Another childhood friend that goes back almost as far as I can remember. She was my neighbor and we lived in the same apartment complex. She was half-Thai like me and both of us had a younger brother at the time.
135) Matthew - Another good friend who went to elementary school and lived in the same neighborhood as me. He was a nice guy. Sadly we lost contact after he moved away several years back.
136) Michael R. - A friend in Kindergarten who would later attend the same summer camp and eventually the two of us would work together in my first job. He was a fun guy and everyone liked him. He started working before me and encouraged me to get a summer job too.
137) Norman - A friend I knew from the bus rides to camp. He was a much better friend to me than I was to him and I am thankful for his kindness.
138) Carl - A shy friend who I also knew from Summer camp as a kid. We'd meet again later in our teens and renew that friendship. He was deaf but able to read lips. I got the opportunity to practice sign language with him.
139) Adam K - Adam was my trainer/instructor in computer training. There was never any problem that he couldn't figure out how to solve. I learned a lot from him and was very lucky that he was training our group.
140) Kumar - I had a rough time starting my current job and Kumar was my manager. He gave me the second chance I needed encouraging me to brush up on certain skills.
141) Sachin - Another manager I was placed with. He helped me rebound as well.
142) Kristen - There was a period of time when I was attending training trying to improve my networking and speaking skills. Kristen really helped me a lot going over my elevator pitch and resume with me. It ultimately helped me get several job interviews and opportunities. I owe her a lot.
143) Avery - The human resources manager during my time at computer training. He organized fun events such as game night, comic book trivia and a Halloween party. With the training we were undergoing being so intense, I'm very thankful he helped organize these activities to allow us some much needed diversions from the pressure.
144) Roman- A great friend from summer camp. I wish I kept in better contact with him.
145) Malcolm - Another good friend from summer camp who lived in my neighborhood that I wished I kept in better contact with. Thank you to him for reaching out to me.
146) Paul - A good friend who I've known since my teens who used to live across the street from me. We still see each other every now and then. I learned hacking and visual basic from him.
147) Jason C - Another friend who lived on the same block with me. We've sort of grown apart due to distance but there was a period of time when he was one of my best friends and I am thankful for that.
148) Eddie - Not to be confused with Ed (128). This was another good friend that I've known from Summer camp for several years. He was a little wild but a good guy at heart and a good friend.
149) Tori - A friend of my brother's who was kind to me once getting me to play kickball with other kids from my class when I was sitting quietly on the side. It was a small gesture but I do appreciate it to this day.
150) Arianna - A good friend in Highschool who used to message and check up on me. We kept in contact all the way through college. She revealed that she had a crush on me during highschool after we graduated but I suspect that she was just being nice and trying to boost my self esteem and confidence. Regardless... I really did appreciate it.
151) Walter - One of my early friends in Kindergarten. He taught me the value of generosity and kindness.
152) Jinn - He gave my an early opportunity as a designer and was a good friend.
153) James Y. - James was a fellow student I met in college when I was getting my Masters in Computer Science. The two of us teamed up for a videogame programming project and designed and programmed a videogame together. He was very nice.
154) Alex C. - Another member of my videogame programming project team... he taught me how to find answers to programming related problems ... a very valuable tool for a programmer to have.
155) Sam - One of the people who become my best friend during the time I was getting my computer science degree. I got an A in programming algorithms thanks to his study sessions. He also gave me rides back from our classes saving me from having to walk a couple of miles getting home.
156) Nuno - A fellow student who was obtaining his masters at the same time as me. We worked on a software development project together. He also gave me several rides home as well.
157) Prof. Murphy - One of prominent Computer Science professors I studied from. It was thanks to him I passed Linear algebra and I learned a lot about programming and computer science principals in general from him. He had the ability to explain complicated concepts clearly.
158) Dr Berger - The department head of Computer Science at my university. I took a Computer development course from him. He was the one that proctored the Programming assessments and told me the courses I needed to take in order to graduate and the advisor of all the computer science students in the program.
159) Bouts of Confidence at the Right Moment - Thinking about my programming degree reminded me about several times I struggled to gain the confidence to talk to people in order to proceed further. I am thankful I was able to find the confidence to do that at certain key moments in my life.
160) Prof. Pan - A Cryptography expert at my university. He is prominent in the Computer Science field. I studied Graph Algorithms from him.
161) Prof. Jung - My Operating systems teacher. He helped me a lot in that course and even gave me the opportunity to raise my grade at the end of it by completing additional projects.
162) Prof. Jean - The first computer science professor I studied with leading into the Master's program. I learned a lot from him and even was able to get a reference letter from him after the course which I used for my Master's application.
163) Prof. Fitting - The professor of the intermediate programming course. He provided a second reference for me and even recommended me for an internship with IBM.
164) Prof. Perrot - Another great English literature professor I forget to mention earlier. She taught me Medieval Literature such as the Caterbury Tales, Dr Faust, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Piers Ploughman, The Faerie Queene and Le Morte De Arthur
165) Second Chances - I've received a lot of second chances for mistakes I've made in my life (knock on wood) and I am grateful for all of them.
166) Support - Following the previous thought I just want to give a thank you to all the people who supported me and helped pick me up when I fell down,
167) Jeffrey - Another great teacher I thought of. He taught me Yiddish as a child in the workman circle group. I only remember a few phrases now though.
168) Professor North. - Another English professor. He had a white beard causing students in my class to compare hime to Santa Claus. He taught me the works of Jonathan Swift, Alfred Tennyson, Alexander Pope and the novel Montana 1948.
169) Prof Pepper - I studied Gothic Literature with him; Most notably Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
170) Chris M. - Another elementary school friend. My friendship with Chris was a surprise because he was one of the tougher students in school while I was much more reserved but he was always nice to me and looked out for me.
171) Nate - Another great elementary school friend. He was good in art. I remember him sharing his M$M's with me.
172) Final Fantasy 7 - One of my favorite videogames. Me and my brothers used to spend hours playing this game. It was our first big RPG. I have a lot of good memories about it.
173) Final Fantasy 8 - This sequel to Final Fantasy 7 is probably my favorite videogame of all time
174) The Zelda Game series - I have a lot of great memories playing the Zelda series with my brothers. Links awakening was a great portable RPG game and the epic Nintendo 64 game Orcarina of time is well loved by a lot of fans.
175) The Metroid Series - A great series starring an attractive female lead. I clocked a lot of hours into this game too.
176) The Lord of the Rings - An epic fantasy series. It was a lot of fun to read.
177) Prof Brooke - He was my professor for programming languages and I got an A in his course. I learned a lot about programming languages from him.
178) Mr Bass - My Violin teacher. He was about as strict as they come but dedicated to teaching and taught me a lot. I studied with him for over a decade before entering college. He taught me how to read music and about popular composers in addition to playing the instrument.
179) Ben T. - He was an advisor I had when I was undergoing web development networking training. He taught me a lot... specifically Ruby on Rails and linux/unix commands.
180) JP - Another guest teacher I had who showed me how to use github which web developers/programmers use for large scale projects and version control.
181) Jared/Chuck - Two more teachers from the Web Development Programming course. They showed me the ins and outs of Javascript.
182) Patrick - He introduced me to the Python Programming language.
183) Reveielle by A.E. Houseman - This was one of two poems that my father used to read to me to get me up in the morning. It fills me with energy every time I think about it.
184) Robert Dakota - A friend of my father's who helped me get work experience coding. He hired me to design his website and later on I worked with him on Columbia's web page. He helped me prep and land some job interviews. I still use him for help when I need a job reference.
185) Jack - There were 3 tracks in my Technology Networking group. Web Design, Web Development and Marketing. For my cohort there were 5 of us in the the Web Development track. We were a tight knit group. Jack was one of them and my first friend in the program. He was very nice and possessed social skills that I did not. I was stronger at coding but Jack was a very quick learner and we learned a lot from one another.
186) Gavin - The second of 5 programmers in the web dev track. Even after the program we continued to met up and prep for job interviews together. I learned a lot from him. He gave me a book on Python that taught me all about the language and he introduced me to block chains and big data. He also showed me the Amazon Popup loft which offered free courses and co-working space to aspiring and seasoned developers.
187) Simon - Simon was in the previous networking co-hort. He became a great friend and gave me excellent advice about networking events. He even gave me pointers in photoshop. We still keep in touch with one another and hang out on occasion.
188) Adam R. - Another friend I made from Technology Networking training. Adam was in the web design track. We attended a few networking events together as well. He's a very nice guy.
189) Frank W. - Another of the web development 5. Frank had great networking skills. He owned his own restaurant and coffee shop. He was friendly and nice and encouraged me to share my background.
190) Evan - Evan probably was the most experienced of the web development 5. He had a computer science degree from Tuft's university. He reminded me of my youngest brother Gabriel in terms of appearance. I give him a lot of credit helping me prep for the rigorous interview questions a coding interview entails.
191) Best Polling staff- This was an app company I worked as an intern with. The people I was reporting to Kelly and Rachel were very nice and they taught me a lot.
192) Holly - One of the friends that I interned with. She was proficient in Marketing. I learned a lot from her.
193) Calvin - Cal was a web designer for our intern team. He was a very good friend and helped with my portfolio bio slide and networking.
194) Danny P - Danny was another web designer on our intern term. He was one of the smoothest and nicest people I know.
195) Julia L - She was a lawyer I met during networking and became friends with. Her, Simon and I even went hiking together multiple times. She is very nice.
196) Scarlett Johansson - My celebrity crush.
197) Jessica De Gouw - The actress who brought Huntress to life in Arrow. I love the Huntress character as shown in my blog and interactive.
198) Supergirl - My favorite female comic book character. It is a good time to be a fan of her because she has her own series out.
199) Paul Levitz/Marcus To - They were the creative team behind the Huntress mini-series which helped inspire one of the more popular arcs in my interactive.
200) Ino Yamanaka - my favorite anime character and anime crush.
201) Feng - Feng was a fellow computer science student who teamed up with me for our video game project mentioned in 153. He is a very skilled coder and we were lucky to have him on that project.
202) Roy - Roy worked my on my final computer training project. He was a fellow member of the backend team and helped to show me the ropes.
203) Zach- I teamed with Zach on an early partner project. It was a rough project and it tested my ability to keep cool. I still credit Zach for helping me learn some new things such as understanding the Front Controller pattern and Servlets.
204) Naruto - One of my favorite anime series. I love the lead hero's determination. He really inspires me a lot.
205) Summer - I love the warm weather and the chance to go swimming.
206) Tennyson's Ulysses - This was the second of two poems that my father would use to wake me up in the morning. It was very inspiring.
207) Sailor Moon - One of the first anime shows that I watched. It helped me get up since it aired early in the morning. I would get ready and watch it before going to school. It was a great series.
208) Michael T - Another high school friend I didn't mention earlier. He is a good guy and nice friend.
209) Nina - She made History and Science class enjoyable to be in.
210) Suzanne - I'm remember the one dance class I shared with you. Also thank you for defending me in Social Studies when I gave my presentation.
211) Janae - My first friend I made in the first grade when I changed schools. Thank you for helping me learn the ropes in a new place.
212) Indiana Jones Trilogy - One of my favorite set of action movies.
213) Rurouni Kenshin - A great anime series with memorable action scenes and soundtrack. Heart of the sword is probably one of the best ending themes of all time.
214) Strange Days at Blake Holesey High - This is a rare children's series that hardly anyone knows about. It is on my gratitude list for having one of the most neatly put together endings of any television series. It successfully wrapped up all its loose ends in an extended finale. It puts 'Lost' to shame showing that a series can have a complicated plot and still tie things cohesively.
215) Fran - The community organizer for the SI Networking group. She was very kind to me and her closing speech inspired me.
216) Susan - Another SI staff member who looked out for and encouraged me. She helped me improve my networking skills.
217) Dave - The director of SI. He was the model for being confident and selling yourself. He also helped me to improve my elevator pitch and make a lot of networking connections.
218) Wit - I always value intelligence and love clever responses.
219) Chi - Another SI programming manager I studied with. Her organization skills were something to aspire to.
220) Andrea - Another SI instructor who I learned a lot from. She also helped me and the other devs prep for coding interviews.
221) Carlos S - Another backend member of our final project. The two of us wound up working for the same company. He is very nice and inspired me to pass my Java certification test.
222) Water - provides life and is relaxing to look at and think about. My maternal grandmother's family name means water in Thai so I feel like I have a connection with it.
223) The Original Star Wars Trilogy - As a sci fi fan. This is one of my favorites series.
224) Back to the Future Trilogy - This is another movie series I love and I'm grateful it was created.
225) Mrs Carra - My 8th grade English teacher who taught me poetry. I learned about Haikus from her. I also credit her with teaching me about Edgar Allan Poe's writing.
226) Hector/ Mr Krauss - Two of my Martial Arts instructors. I learned Judo and Aikido from them respectively. They taught me how to protect myself.
227) Professor Cocchi - He taught me design patterns and compiler programming. I did well in his classes and opted to test my proficiency in his subjects for my Master's degree.
228) Ake - One of my close friends in the Buddhist monastery. He became a monk right before me. He studied in the U.S. in the past so he helped translate some Thai for me when I didn't know the words. He even came to visit me in the U.S.
229) Tonk - another really good Monk friend. Tonk, Ake and I were a trio.
230) Tutti - A kind monk who helped me learning the prayers.
231) Spider-man - My favorite Marvel comic book hero. I admire his intelligence
232) Jean - My fifth and sixth grade teacher. I struggled in her class but I learned a lot. I credit her with recommending the author Ursula Leguin to me.
233) Mr Troncs - My ninth grade writing and creative writing teacher. He was a very good teacher and encouraged me a lot. I learned some great literature and writing techniques under his guidance.
234) Mr Brinson and Prof Mallec - These two teachers are responsible for teaching me Calculus.
235) Harry Potter - A great fantasy series. I read all 7 books and watched the films
236) Rumiko Takahashi - The queen of romantic comedy manga. She is responsible for both Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2... two of my favorite series.
237) Grand Theft Auto IV - A fun game but the reason why I am thankful for it is its soundtrack. It introduced me to a lot of great 80's songs, singers and bands (i.e. Lionel Richie, A Flock of Seagulls, Cutting Crew etc)
238) The Mortal Kombat series - One of my favorite fighting series as a kid. I spent many quarters at the arcade enjoying this.
239) Molly - She is a friend I credit her with helping me to grow and become better.
240) Shakespeare - I think the world is so much more richer with Shakespeare's work in it.
241) The Hunger Games Trilogy - A good book series that I spent one of my summers reading in my free time. It is exciting
242) Arhur C Clake - He wrote some great Sci Fi novels. I know that 2001 a Space Odyssey is his most well known work but my favorite book from him was Childhood's End.
243) Isaac Asimov - Another great Sci Fi author. His Laws of Robotics inspired a lot of sci fi novels and movies.
244) Halloween - I love this holiday. The costumes, decorations and spooky atmosphere are all fun to see.
245) April Fool's Day - If you've read my blog... you probably already know this is a popular holiday with me.
246) Cultural Holiday - Christmas, Channukah, Thankgiving etc.... it's always nice to have days to share cultural traditions.
247) The Resident Evil Series - Another fun game series with a great atmosphere. I spent a lot of time playing this series
248) Winter Snowflakes - Beautiful to see and underappreciated.
249) Gamma Wajan - Before I was able to become a monk this abbot tested me and gave me his blessing
250) Tan Ajarn Cherrin of the Tiger Temple - My family visits this temple and prays there regularly. The abbot of this temple has given us some great advice and spiritual blessings.
251) The Abbot of Galasin - The head of a temple in the south of Thailand. My brothers and I stayed at his temple overnight as teens. He gave us spiritual guidance and helped us to expand our meditation skills.
252) Peter David - A great writer who has written some of my favorite science fiction stories and comics.
253) L. Frank Baum - Author of the Wizard of Oz series. I read all 14 books in this series and really like them
254) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - My favorite Martial Arts movie.
255) Iron Monkey - another really enjoying martial arts film. It is a must see.
256) Azula - The greatest villainess of all time. If you seen the series Avatar the Last Airbender... you know that she steals the show.
257) Disney's Gargoyle - A really great cartoon series with a lot of depth and complex character. I highly recommend this one.
258) Arthur Conan Doyle - Thank you for giving us one of the greatest literary detective out there. I love Sherlock Holmes.
259) Classical Music - Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Handel ... all of them are worthwhile listening to.
260) Celine Deon - The Theme From Titanic and All Coming Back to Me are beautiful songs.
261) Technology - I think pretty much all of us are grateful to live in a time where so much helpful technology exists.
262) My Home- I know it is 262 items into this but I am really grateful to have a roof over my head and a place stay. I know I am lucky to be in this situation.
263) Mexican food - My favorite type of food and I am grateful it exists.
264) Adam West Batman series - I watched this series a lot in reruns as a kid and Batman was a hero I looked up to. West portrayed the character really well. I think that my love of comic books developed from watching this series.
265) Pokemon videogames - I love this series and have spent a lot of free time catching, collecting and evolving them in these games.
266) Star Ocean - If you remember #106 then you know I learned about Star Ocean from one of my room mates. It is a great series and I've watched the animes and played the games.
267) Nick - Another friend I forgot to thank. Nick was one of the top students in our programming training and we wound up working for the same company. He was the one who drove me to my interview so in a way I have him to thank for my current job as well. Nick, Ed and I wound up getting an apartment together in New Jersey splitting the cost of rent between the three of us.
268) Improved Medicine - Recent pandemic aside... it is good to live in a time period where helpful medications and cures for a lot of illnesses are readily available.
269) Robin A - Talking about #99 reminded me about one of my friends who I was with me during the September 11th attacks. I'm grateful that I had someone like him to talk to during that crazy time period.
270) Getting the chance to visit Paris - I am happy that I got a chance to visit Paris in my lifetime. It has a lot of beautiful sites that I got the chance to see such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc Du Triomphe and the Louvre museum. Thank you to my brother Jacob for arranging this.
271) Visiting Singapore - Singapore has lot of cool must see sites there as well i.e. the Merlion Statue, the Singapore Flyer, the Esplanade etc.
272) Getting to visit Disney World - My grandmother arranged and took me and my family to Disney World for her 75 birthday when I was 13. I'm glad I got a chance to got a chance to go there. It is really nice.
273) Getting to visit Japan - Me, my brother and cousins (see 52) got the chance to vacation in Japan. It was great to see the sites in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and really memorable trip.
274) My Last year of Summer Camp - We got to go to a lot different places. The highlight though was a trip to Toronto.
275) Clannad - one of the most emotional anime shows I have seen. I feel like I've grown a lot from seeing this one
276) Aladdin - One of my three favorite Disney films
277) Sleeping Beauty - That would be the second one. One of my favorite Disney villains is in this movie and this was the first Disney film I saw.
278) The Jungle book - My third favorite Disney movie.
279) My education up this point - As you can probably tell from all the teachers I thanked in this... I am really grateful for all the things I have learned in my life.
280) Getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family- I'm really happy that I am able to spend thanksgiving with people I care about and love this year. I don't take that for granted.
281) Buddhist Teachings - Buddhist philosophy has helped me a lot in my life. I am able often able to find peace when I need it.
282) Hercules / Xena action block - I watched these two shows a lot in my teens. They helped to nurture my love of Greek mythology.
283) The Hartsdale gardens - My favorite Chinese restaurant. I've been going there since I was a kid.
284) Legends of Tomorrow - I love that show. It juggles both comedy and action very well.
285) Living in New York - New York is a beautiful city with a lot of great sites, places to visit and interesting things to do. I'm happy that I've lived here most of my life.
286) Thai Cooking - I have to thank my mom for this one. She makes a lot of delicious Thai meals and taught me how to cook many of them.
287) Sabbath Dinner - On my paternal side. My grandmother had a lot of great Jewish recipes. We used to visit her house every Friday. I miss those times but I'm grateful to have memories of them.
288) Learning to Ice skate - I can proudly say I know how to do that
289) Jr High Ski Trip - I can check Skiing off my bucket list.
290) Learning Norse, Greek and Roman Mythology - My father gave me a book of Greek/Roman myths as a child and used to read them to me exposing me to them. I also got to learn Norse Mythology as well reading from the English library when I was visiting Thailand. I'm sure these stories have improved my imagination a lot.
291) Getting to travel all over Thailand- I got to travel all over that country and got to view a ton of sites such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Island of Pang Nga, the Elephant school of Lampang and the hot springs of Chiang Mai... all of them are beautiful sites.
292) Getting to see Amy Acker in person- I had big crush on her from watching the series Angel and Justice League so getting to see her in person was great.
293) Getting to meet William Shatner and get his autograph - Any Star Trek fan's dream. *Smile*
294) Meeting Jim Lee and Scott Snyder - Comic book fans appreciate how cool that is.
295) Getting an autographed poster and pictures with the cast of Shadow Hunters - Going to Comic Con payed off for me. *Smile*
296) Meeting Martial Artist Tony Jaa and getting his autograph - This was a really lucky moment for me since only 10 people were able to get it when he was visiting a museum in New York. The autographs were awarded to random ticket numbers.
297) Seeing Patrick Stewart perform as Macbeth on Broadway- Both a Star Trek fan and Shakespeare fans goals. I have to thank my father for arranging this.
298) Chili Con Carne - One of my favorite dishes
299) Mark Twain's writing - I really enjoyed reading the Tom Sawyer stories.
300) Pam - She's the adopted daughter of my aunt. She is not related to me by blood but she is like an older sister to me.
301) Cyndi Lauper - I'm thankful to her for Time After Time.
302) Taylor Swift - Ditto for Love Story and You Belong to Me.
303) The Dragon Prince - My current favorite ongoing cartoon series
304) My Car - Actual it belongs to my parents but it has gotten me many places over the decade we've had it.
305) Salvador Dali - Thank you for painting "The Persistance of Memory" It is one of my favorite pieces of artwork.
306) Vincent Van Gogh - Likewise for "Starry Night".
307) Isaac Newton - For helpful the advancement of physics
308) Zenescope Comics - For developing some great stories and characters
309) Living in a time When Superhero Movies are popular - It is a great time to be a comic book fan.
310) Living in a time Anime is easily available - it great to be in a time where you can find almost any anime show rather easily.
311) Visiting Niagara Falls - This is one site that I really recommend seeing in your lifetime.
312) Successful completing the Tour De Bronx 3 times - I am very happy that I was able to do that.
313) Carrie - Another networking friend... Carrie was a web designer with a great personality. She's also an actress and showed me stage presence. She was always kind and went out of her way to make sure I was included in group networking events.
314) Kathleen - A great friend who made sure I wouldn't disappear among the rest of my networking cohort. She gave me resume help too.
315) Susanna - Another web designer who was nice to talk with. She had a great eye for design and just looking at some of her projects I learned a lot.
316) Frankie M - I admire your ability to put people at ease. You were very nice to me too and easy to talk with. Thank you for inspiring me.
317) Clay - I admire your charm and confidence and legitimate web skill. You are a cool guy.
318) Castlevania Symphony of the Night - My favorite Action Platformer game. It had a lot of action, a great storyline and a beautiful soundtrack. Actually the Castlevania series in general is really good.
319) Metal Gear - This a great action series with a superb storyline and excellent gameplay. It is thanks to my friend James and a fellow co-worker that I learned about series and tried it out.
320) Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger - A great video rpg game series that deals with Time Travel / Alternate universes. It has beautiful character designs and soundtrack.
321) Dragon Ball Z- This is the first anime I remember watching. Thank you so much Dragon Ball for showing me how cool Anime can be.
322) Trevor N. - This is another friend that I forgot to mention earlier. He helped me find remote programming opportunities around the world.
323) Other friends I have met - (Sam C, Edward P., Ernie, Joseph, Deep, Amanda, Jessie, Oscar, Esteban, Victor) and many others... I'm grateful to have met all of you.
324) Other teachers I have had (even ones I didn't like)- Thank you to all of you for helping me to learn.
325) Other family members who I forgot to mention individually - I am very happy and lucky to be part of the family I was born into. You guys are the best.

Note: I changed a few names and deliberately used some alternate spellings for a few people I thanked in this list out of respect for their privacy. Some of them have unique names and would be easy to track down via google. ^_^;
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