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Our Constitutional Republic is at a Crossroads.
I feel a great deal of empathy for Black Americans. They have not been treated right. Ironically... and this is truly one one of the amazing ironies of our times, the Political Party that wanted to see them kept in in iron shackles was the party of Slavery... the Democratic Party. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and without Honest Abe there would still be slave states and free states. Lincoln mobilized the country to correct this travesty. The Civil War, gave "emancipation" to the blacks.

However, they were never really emancipated. For the Democrats there was a workaround that.... to use the old proverb, gave them their cake and allowed them to eat it too. The Clan was formed to keep a lid on things in the rural areas and young and productive negroes were incentivized to move to the cities. There they were allowed to live in segregated ghettos which later gave way to public housing often referred to as "The Projects." So what happened over time was that the iron chains were substituted for economic ones. Blacks were told by Democrats that if they didn't play ball they'd loose their food stamps and welfare checks. Once every four years, at election time, they were trotted out and told to vote Democrat or those Boogie Man, Republicans would shut down their gravy train. Still this wasn't enough.

There were some smart blacks who could see through this sham. In order to deal with potential dissent the Democrats tacitly looked the other way on the drugs. African Americans were provided with enough drugs and alcohol to numb their minds and violent black on black crime thinned out those showed potential for upsetting the status quo. Still this wasn't enough.

Since the Democrats have always disdained Blacks they sought to limit their numbers and found a way to do it. Planned Parenthood offers no real choice for a young black girl who becomes pregnant. This whole prochoice charade has continued to where today over forty percent of black women who conceive abort their pregnancy. Still this wasn't enough.

To make sure young black children were not provided the tools and opportunities to advance in today's world the Democrats insured that public education systems in the ghettos were so bad the kids can't meet the very lowest math and english standards. Still this wasn't enough.

To further thin the flock the Democrats turned a blind eye as urban violence and black on black crime, in urban areas, particularly Chicago, reached staggering thresholds. Thousands of young blacks are murdered each year by other blacks.

When I was in the Military I worked with many talented young black men and women and know from experience that given a chance they are just as capable as any other race. It's a damn shame.

The Democratic Party I once associated myself with is no longer what it once was. It's been hijacked by the Socialist Left. The Democrats have become addicted to the economic influence of George Soros and the off shore money he represents. The Third World War is being fought in the United States and these outside interests have worked tirelessly to undermine the values that Americans hold dear.

Fortunately, Donald Trump came along and showed Republicans how to fight. The Democrats, seeing certain defeat looming in 2020 pulled out all the stops. Just as the Socialists hijacked the Democratic Party, with the help of the "SWAMP," Democrats hijacked the election.

How they did it is coming to light. The CIA through their contractor "Dominion" developed software and voting machines for rigging elections. They tested it in Venezuela. The Hardware and software were then marketed to the Democrats in the United States who used the technology, as well as other time tested methods to hijack the election.

The Supreme Court, gave the COUP the time it needed to work. They say "Opportunity makes a Thief." Justice Roberts gave the crime all the time it needed.

I feel bad not for just the blacks but for all Americans and the Constitution that has served us well since our founding. The off shore interests have slowly and insidiously gained control of the the print and broadcast media, education, and plan to rewrite the Constitution once they gain power. They will add States, pack the courts, repeal the second and turn the good old USA int a Socialist Shit hole. Is this what we want for our grandchildren?
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