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by Norman
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They all looked out for traffic
The raccoon eyed the possum
and glanced across the street.
He knew that he was faster;
no way he could be beat.

Then came along a rabbit
he’d never seen before.
Well, he would be a challenge.
He’d win the race for sure.

They scanned the road for traffic
as dusk turned into night.
It looked to be clear sailing,
not a single car in sight.

They all had heard the stories
the old folks liked to tell
‘bout those who tried before them
when things didn't go so well.

But this time it was different.
The raccoon took his stance.
He looked both ways for movement.
He wouldn’t take a chance.

The rabbit and the possum
were just as ready too.
The raccoon had to wonder
if the possum had a clue.

They didn’t see a headlight.
They all began their dash.
When all at once it happened.
The flash! The squeal! The CRASH!

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!
Roadside pizza

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