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The Humorous Short Story Contest - 500 Word Count
         My favorite honey bunny is rather quite funny. If you stop and think about it, he has a rather sunny disposition. His face doesn't show any kind of disgrace; he lights up a room by taking a broom and sweeping the floor, telling me that dirt doesn't have to be around anymore.

         When he mops the floor, in order to satisfy his thirst, he grabs a soda pop and begins to giggle. He says to me, "How in the world can I mop this floor without giving you a little bit of a wiggle?" I've only begun to have fun. I put on a pun for a good laugh, when I talk about getting a pet giraffe. Having a neck that tall, nothing is beyond my reach. I can accomplish anything when I put my mind to it.

         It would be a dead ringer, if I could become a famous singer. "Only in your dreams the people say, you're just not cut out to do this sort of thing". Then he would say, "Why must you be so negative, if you don't do this, you would never know what you could do. It's best to get my feet out there, wowing the audience with your beautiful voice. This is the choice that I'd like to make; it's better to take a chance at taking a risk, than to not try and definitely fail".

         To avoid all the rhetoric that plays into certain comedy, trying to make a person laugh sometimes requires a great deal of effort. I must first be able to laugh at his jokes, even though it can be hurtful at times. When I'm able to do that, then I don't have to take things so personally.

         When I'm wrapped up in a towel, I try to practice my vowels, while my pet owl let's out a howl. Who ever heard of such a thing as this? I would be amiss if I were to talk to my dishes about giving them a nice clean bath, I'd feel better about the cleanliness aspect of all this; I'm sure the dishes would also. I suppose that dishes have feelings too, so be nice to them; they just might put a crack in that situation if you talked mean to them. I really couldn't blame them, could you?

         If I could endeavor a clever way of looking at things more intelligently, then I would inquire that our brains, while working together, could take things into perspective, that way our intelligence would bloom in a very good and fashionable way. Did I really say that? In order to find the answer to that question, I would have to delve into the mind of my honey bunny; this way I could possibly become smarter than the average bear.

         By putting on his favorite vest, my favorite honey bunny has the zest for life. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be a gem.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, November 21, 2020
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