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Psychic dreams take over the ward
Deep purple and pink Floyd you have colour in your valium _yellow like sunlight inside this hole place of evil minds come to bare_a-trolley a-cometh to your table lots of goodies and your medication eat up yum yum cha: you got what you deserve: falling off the roof like that-bad girl climbing to the apex of the most enormous building in New York City, hollering you are free!{/b}
Sleep comes after 15 minutes with Clonazepam 10mg. Life spreads its forgetmeknots out down a drainpipe: slipping ballet shoes silver dreamlands+crime of death more red raving crud drag drog grotto grime_ her silver gun hidden in pocket flipped lid out boom you're dead gone for good.

"Wake up Miriam!" Swimming through an embankment of weeds green muddy river of Ohio ranges, m
I yell, my head eyes opening in a second. "Sshh..." the nurse whispers after bounding out my name.
"Time for breakfast."
"You know I hate eating before coffee!" I say, terse.
It's true and written on my profile notes, c/o my senior psych Jenny Dakoz, a brain with accreditation who saved me. Rescued me from myself and a 35kg figure; sleepless body of bones suicidal hanging off a bridge cars breaking quickly; fast she runs away police again pick you up sit me down at the station. They're running out of ideas.
This last visit to John Cade Ward was c/o Fitzroy police who told the senior psychs they had to keep me in otherwise legal action would ensue. Luckily this was my last time after nearly 30 attempts to get me on my legs.
Knees begging_, "Please God give me a grave I just want to go not be here anymore dry me out please take my heart soul everything and hang it on a wall saying Here Lies Mimi Once Was..."
Elusive hard to die exit from your body really. No poison shop pills will piss you off taking you out for 3 days sleeping awake again this insomnia driving me to do these things no food for 3 months no wonder my dress hangs like a elbow kick framed out of space, life. Dyes my hair, blue/black. Like my mind in flight.

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