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Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #2238817
After the death of a spouse.

Endless hours since you’ve gone away.
Sadness fills all corners of my mind.
Tears win out every time.
Catch my breath between sighs.
Life has halted for me.
Tomorrow no longer matters.
Yesterday too difficult to remember.
Your smiles linger on from room to room
Your scent of your skin is seared in my memory.
I am surrounded by your essence.
Your coffee cup, your tooth brush, your wallet on the dresser.
All scream out your absence.
I want to move forward, but I remain in place though a month has passed.
Nothing feels right any longer. Every room feels hollow.
Every creek of the floor turns my head in search of you.
I know it’s not forever, but I’m sure that I am wrong.
Our years together stenciled in my mind and heart.
I close my eyes and you are there.
You may have found peace but know that mine is now uncertain.

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