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Life cycle events

The oranges were displaying in a store. There were young, older and of all ages oranges.They were talking with each other. So, there was buzz of words. But it could not reach the ears of human being. People's were passing by the shop, but could not listen to their conversation.

From the bunch of oranges, one female orange shouted looking her own body. Her skin was dried away, moisture had vanished for the sunlight and heat. She started to cry. Her glossy beautiful skin! She was beauty conscious lady and her beauty was damaged, so, she was upset. She became worried how she would come in front of her boy friend! Her friend Nancy tried to console"don't cry Anny, the shop keeper would spray water, the gradually your skin would become glossy again. Thus, the everyday problems and their solutions was conveying among the oranges.

There were conversation going on among gentlemen too. They were debating with each other on price fall in market for the oranges.One gentleman, named Harry, said"it has happened only for human being and their population boom! We'll be sold on very cheap price and people's will buy us and will be eating up one after another like demons." Leaving a deep breath he said again"our days have come to an end, we won't live any longer! Thus they were busy in talking.

One diseased said in a very low tone"Let them buy and eat, I want to die. At first I was thrown on the ground. My leg broke. Now I'm feeling pain in my chest. My ears have infection too.What should I do living long life.I don't want to live! No, no!"

After a little silence, he started again"people will bite me on my wound, think how painful it would be! Then take away my body part and throw on bone plate. Oh! "fear in his eyes. Someone, from women's habitat, shouted"No one is going to buy you. You are rotten scrap,! And after this a group of women had lough sarcastically.

The diseased one recognized the voice. She was the women he liked and supported on her side in any controversial topic of debate between the women. He became shocked! This is her repayment for love?
On the afternoon, one man came to the shop with his baby. The baby was crying. Orange Jolly was looking at him. She was trying to quiet him saying"don't cry baby, don't cry...Chu...Chu..Chu..But the boy couldn't listen to her as he was the human baby. His eyelids were wet, looking around the oranges, blinking.

The man picked up Jerry as he was big in size, healthy. Pushing with finger he asked the shopkeeper the price of per kg. The shopkeeper answered with a smile. Why he shouldn't? He will now get the money if orange is sold. This was going on Harry's mind.It was misery only for the oranges. The shopkeeper said,"Oranges market price have decreased, they are now cheap. You can buy one kg. for 2$.

The man started to pick up oranges selecting the fresh and juicy in the lot. The diseased one shouted,"Take me, take me, buy me! Don't eat, kick me out to the dust bean. but don't leave me here!" He was pleading. Another laughter came from behind.

"Please......"The diseased started crying. But he was left there.His young friends were picked up and taken. They said 'goodbye' to all their friends and relatives and guardians. Then after took leave with the man. Their time had came to the end on earth.

It was very much regular that some of them would have to be ready for farewell. There had not left much to do for them.If they were left there, they would have rotten.

Jolly said,"Goodbye" to the baby came with the buyer. The baby was then very happy, holding one orange on the palm of hand. Jolly didn't know his name, but quite a handsome orange.

Two mean people came in the shop. They bought only half kg. of orange. They started to remove the skin and eat on standing on the shop. They were talking in very uncivilized and uncensored language. The oranges became disturbed for their loud voice and ugly words. The shopkeeper didn't say anything as they were his customers too.
Every week a lot of oranges were sold. New lot of oranges took the place of the previous oranges.New comer oranges lived in peace.Their tension was relieved. Because they got the time to sleep, and talk and see the beautiful world before any customer came. Their only good time.

This was the subject matter when Jolly was talking with her friends. Older oranges were sleeping. So they had to talk in low tone. Another two lady came to listen to them. They expressed their opinion and showed consensus on the matters they were related by shaking their heads.No sleep on their eyes as they were young. But others got tired, so they slept away earlier.

Next morning the shop owner came, opened the shutter, then the oranges saw the daylight. The shopkeeper sprayed water. In the night felt uncomfortable for high temperature.But after spray they became cool.The whole day was ahead of them, and they couldn't get away from the heat of the sun.

It was very hard to carry whole day on their shoulder all the oranges who were at the bottom of the basket. Whole day carried on the weights of the oranges.

This was the orange's story. It was a true story, not imaginary. So I expect and ask people to be humble to the oranges and show humanity. Don't eat them. That's all I have to say. Thank you.

The. End
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