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Freedom in confined life
In the early morning, Sonia got up from bed, finished morning duties, breakfast making and eating and got ready to go to the Wilson's house. She works there as a house keeper.

Mr.Wilson the old man left for office and his sick wife was in home.Mrs. Wilson a paralyzed woman, passes whole day sitting on wheel chair. She can't do any work.She needed help of a house keeper. Sonia was there to help.

Sonia also had need for money to meet the expenses of her family. In morning she came out from home doing the necessary things for her husband and only child Brittney. Then came to the professional duty. Her daughter was then going to school. She needed fees, dress, books and other expenses like providing nutritious food etc.She tried to help her husband to carry on the expenses that she could live a happy and peaceful life.

Mrs. Wilson did not have any children.Whole day passed on sitting wheel chair. She had been paralyzed for three years. One day she was coming from outside climbing the stairs. Suddenly she had her foot slipped and fell down from the stairs. Since then she became paralyzed.

She became psychologically very ill after this horrible incident. She had a fearful mind that if the incident arose in her mind, she screamed. And when she thought that even she couldn't become mother she cried. A miserable life for her. This was her fate. She couldn't do anything.

Mrs. Wilson got the company of Sonia.Continuously she talked with her.This was God's blessing that she could talk, He did not take away the words from her mouth. Sometimes Sonia responded the contexts she talked about but she felt disturbed and remained quiet for the rest. But Mrs. Wilson did not shut her mouth. She continued though she understood that Sonia feeling disturb. She talked with her own. Thus she wanted to forget everything.

Sometimes Sonia got tired working whole day. She had to do everything here and in her own house. She couldn't leave before 8p.m.When she got back home the sky became darker, not blue as like the morning time she came out of the house.She could not see the open blue sky whole day.Oneday she cried when she came out on the street thinking about her prison life. At the beginning of the day she entered the prison, worked whole day as her punishment and then she came out of the prison. Then she could meet her daughter and husband.
Mrs. Wilson passed time alone. She pushed headphone in her ear to listen to music and songs of old days. Sometimes read book, watched TV . Sometimes just sat beside the open window, keeping eyes on the street. Sonia walked away from the street and Mrs. Wilson waited for her husband to return from work. She watched a part of starry dark sky. She tried to remind for how long she had not gone out. Had not seen open blue sky.Who was there to take her to the ground? Her husband became older. He could not lift her on his arms to take her to the downstairs. Questioned oneself, for how long she had to live like this?She became upset.

Mr.Wilson returned home. The only good and happy time for Mrs. Wilson. And on the other hand, Sonia too.She could meet her husband and daughter too, after returning home. The only time for everyone to be with someone very nearest and dearest, express feelings to, to Lough, to cry, to be angry, to be loved. What they all missed whole and and everyday.

Mr.Wilson opened the bottle of champaign, took one peg for own and one for his wife.They became engaged in talking. Night became darker. Mr. Wilson closed all the windows.

Mr. Wilson kept a proposal before going to bed. He told Mrs. Wilson about his plan to go out for next weekend. His two friend and their family would go with them. Friends would help Mrs. Wilson to get downstairs. Mrs. Wilson became very happy and accepted the proposal at once.At last the opportunity came to the door to cross the door.She planned everything. Lunch, drink, games they would play and every little thing.

Mrs. Wilson knew Mr. Wilson's friends and family very well. She was very much acquainted with them. So she could expect to enjoy the day fully.Mrs. Wilson could ask her husband to take her out but she didn't wanted to create pressure on him. He became older, but still works for living. How she could demand anything from him?

She went to bed and had dream.
Next morning when Sonia came Mrs. Wilson delivered the news that Wilson couple was going out next weekend. Sonia became happy hearing this. Another reason was to become happy that she would get rest on that day.

She did set up mind that she would ask her husband to take her out. She with her husband and daughter would go out to some beautiful place on weekend. She felt extraordinary joy in heart. A whole day under the blue sky, which ended to far distance and touched the ground, along with her family. A day of freedom.
(The End)

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