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by Norman
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It was a sunny day
I came on over to the park;
it’s such a sunny day.
I thought I’d eat the ham on rye
I’d bought along the way.

No one knows what pigeons eat
so I just throw them bread.
Maybe they would really like
some pumpkin pie instead.

But if we gave them pumpkin pie,
what if they got too fat?
Then they would waddle like a duck.
Could you imagine that?

Or maybe if they’re New York birds
then pizza’d be their choice.
And they would ask for extra cheese.
(That’s if they had a voice.)

Hey, I’m just guessing, I don’t know,
but if I had a hunch,
I think they’d settle for some rye
left over from my lunch.

That pigeon’s looking up at me
like I’m some kind of creep.
Like I should give him all my lunch
and don’t be so darn cheap.

So now I’m sitting on this bench
as hungry as can be.
That pigeon really ate it all
without a crumb for me.

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