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A political trilogy of poems about our country.

I find it ironic we’re called the “United States”;
We can’t even agree on a way to save ourselves.
Division is louder than unity and
The volume of our country is exceeding its limits.
Cries from all sides: “Masks will protect us!”
“You’re restricting my rights!”
“I’m not vaccinating my child!”
When will this end?

People show their true colors in times of turmoil.
True colors shine bright, and some colors are blinding.
Millions of “Americans” are struggling, and it
Pains me to see the lack of sympathy
People in power and people of privilege have.
I’ve lost respect for so many people at this point;
I’m running out of tears to cry and cares to give.

Is “honoring our first responders” losing its charm?
Since when did “we stand with you” lose its value?
And why did our country only care when they were trendy?
It’s funny how something trends; people retweet, repost.
They get the popularity, not the purpose.
And then when it’s gone, it’s like nothing ever happened.
A priceless purpose pixelated into disproportionate oblivion.

Temporary Reopening

Our country is falling apart, and
I’m not sure I’m not falling with it.
Rising cases rule the headlines.
Daily deaths tell the story of what once was
But what can never be again.
Innocent lives are being thrown away in
Pursuit of a little social interaction?

Our values are continuing to corrupt.
Wants are being pushed front and center while
Needs are being cast to the shadows.
A story being televised brings eyes nationwide to the
Scene of the crime, but is that enough?
Is that enough to spread awareness?
Is that enough to keep people safe?
Is it ever enough?

I find it disappointing that people still are
Questioning the validity of this virus.
This cycle of nationwide ignorance we’re in is
Blinding us from reality, and we’re too dumb to
Turn off the lights.

Second Wave?

“Do something!” he says.
Do something about his presidency.
Do something about his lawsuits.
Do something about this virus.
Isn’t he supposed to be doing “something”?

Didn’t he take an oath to become president?
“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the
Office of President of the United States”.
What has been “faithful” about his term?
The fact that he didn’t act on this virus
When he knew about it in January?
The fact that he let his administration execute a reformed man
While people in more significant roles in the case
Got to run home free?

“...and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States.” Best of my ability?
Staging pictures of him working when he had the virus was him
Working to the “best of his ability”?
Keeping millions of “Americans” in fear of a virus he continually
Claimed was a hoax was him at the “best of his ability”?
Refusing to mandate wearing masks to keep people safe from this virus
Was him at the “best of his ability”?

His supporters concern me the most.
How could you support a man who is
Clearly against “The American Dream”?
How could you support a man who openly
Mocks disabled people? Shames minorities?
Discriminates against LGBTQ+ members?
Who can’t even call women by their names?

Right now we have a misogynistic, racist,
Homophobic, sexist white man in office.
His “work” as president has been praised by
Half the country. Red vs. Blue.
Left vs. Right. People, we’re destroying ourselves.
Our country is burning up in flames and it
Seems like everyone has a torch and a lighter.

“American”. That title used to hold value.
People come here for a new life. A fresh start.
But we’ve fallen to a low we can’t come back from.
When will the quotes go away?
When will I be proud enough of our country to
Call myself an American?

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