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by szheng
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A philosophic discussion on the meaning of love.
The Nature of Love
Love is probably the strongest, strangest, and most powerful emotion. It is possibly the source for emotions as well, as the lack of love correlates with the lack of feelings. Love is what brings other emotions to another level. For example, when a random dog is lost, you might feel a little sad. But when YOUR DOG that has been with you for 5 years gets lost, the sadness is overwhelming. The sadness was enhanced because the doggy was something you loved. But love burns out too quickly, just like fire. It’s natural, eventually, there will reach a point when it’s blank. That is probably the reason why there are a lot of family issues these days. Barely none has the energy to sustain love. The strongest emotions also require the most energy. No matter how large a container is, it will eventually run out. Usually, people can sustain it for about 10 years, and then it slowly falls apart. Maybe that also has to do with aging and the absence of need for the same feverish passion… But it was that same feverish passion that many were drawn to it.
What I think of Love
I for some reason always think that love should be like water. There is no need to explode it like a volcano. Love and life in general should be a flowing river. Some things float off into emptiness, to be forgotten. While others stay forever at the bottom of your heart. Fundamentally, love is not about the greatest sacrifices you make, it’s not about dying for each other as Romeo and Juliet. Love doesn’t have to give off it’s last spark as the sun sinks below the sea. It is the little things that prove love is real. Only the little things can prove of love’s existence because they have gone through no thought. If someone was truly in your heart, then the best way to show it is not through a ring, it’s through the little actions that never went through your mind at all. Because these actions never went through your mind, you never thought about them, which implies that you did not do these actions deliberately. It was natural, just like breathing. That is what I mean by love is a flowing river. It’s about the small sacrifices, the ignored actions, that matter the most. Thus, when love reaches a perfect state as that. There is no need to sustain it, it is already part of you. That kind of love is true love, and it requires no energy for you to continue loving, thus, making the perfect state the best and most sustainable state because it is natural. Love was meant to be a flowing river, treating it like fire only dooms it’s demise in your heart.
Why Bother?
Since the perfect state is beyond reachable by the most and about as reachable as a true free market. Then why bother ever loving at all? My answer is, love is timeless. Yes, love is unsustainable and will burn out. Yes, people fade away. But in that moment of love and perfect harmony, time has been stopped. The memories that will never leave. Also, it is for passion that humans live for. That is why so many do dangerous things, they want the thrill of it. But love is different from activities like skydiving as love already is an emotion, the strongest kind. The passion and fervent it induces is unlike anything else. Just for that moment, love is worth it. It is a timeless moment. “It never mattered when the dream will end. For love is eternity and eternal is love...”
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