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#3 - The Golden Key

The Suitcase

George gave it to me then ran. The golden key is hot. I throw it to the floor. What does it open? It looks rather large. Perhaps a door? A vehicle? Too large for a bike lock. Too heavy for someone’s heart.

The key to life! That’s it! I have the key to life and all its riches. George did say to use it wisely before he scurried off.

There is a suitcase in front of me. The suitcase is small, battered. Someone left it behind. Perhaps the key will fit this?

I try the golden key, it fits. I unlock the suitcase before me. It is packed with memories. They come spilling out, filling the room. I cannot put them back into the suitcase. Once the suitcase is unlocked, whatever is inside will be unleashed forever. A ‘Pandora’s box’ as it were.

From the suitcase escaped good and bad, fun and games, sorrow and pain, happiness and contentment, birth and death. Pictures escape, snapshots of moments shared, moments of time captured forever. A heart that was broken floated past my eyes, dreams that were never realized stopped and said hello then walked away, lives shattered by accidents tapped me on the shoulder for a second, and then the suitcase snapped shut.

I used the golden key again and this time the suitcase let loose all the joy and happiness it had kept inside for generations. Love and peace flowed out without stopping. I lay down and let them flow over me.

George came later to find me there. They say I died with a smile on my face.
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