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#4 The Hallway

The Garden

All these doors. I woke up to find myself standing in this hallway. Doors as far as I can see. It seems like one of those paintings, where you see the perspective the artist saw. All the doors leading forever down the hallway as far as the eye can see.

All the doors are the same size. All have the same type of doorknob. All are the same style. The only difference is the color. All the doors are a different color. Every color in the rainbow. All shades, hues, tones.

I have to choose a door. Which door do I choose? If you had to choose only one, and that one door could change your life forever, how would you choose?

Do you choose your favorite color? Or perhaps a neutral shade. Why not a color you hate just in case that door would hide something you love, reverse psychology and all.

So I choose a door of the most lovely shade of green. The wood of the door is marvelous heavy hemlock. The most perfect hardwood for doors, you see.

Behind the door, I find a wonderful garden. The perfect garden. The Garden of Eden.

Welcome Home!

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