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The long wait in the rain
I stare out the window through distorted vision
obscured by running water.
Drainpipes trickle with rain gushing from the roof.
I can see it.
At the end of the driveway.
The mailbox.
A tiny flag of red sticking up from it tells me perhaps it is here.
I’ve been waiting for months.
Wondering if finally my wait is over.
I’ve written so many letters.
I’ve made my feelings known.
Now I wait for the response.
Will they feel the same way?
Will they think my request is reasonable?

I wait for the rain to end. I throw on a coat
against the cold. I walk with anxious steps
Down the driveway.
I reach out
I open the mailbox.
My heart leaps.
I throw the bills to the ground in a frenzy.
I throw the love letter over my shoulder.
I hug the replacement Amazon package to my chest.
All is finally right with the world.

Written for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 32
Prompt: Opening the mailbox.

What did you find inside? A package? Letter? Sweets? Maybe an animal? Perhaps the mailbox remains empty.

Talk about the feelings you have regarding the find.No line counts. No form requirement. Have fun and be creative!
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