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Be warned, I am a libertarian
Looking at America, I see 3 big problems, one is how we are so divided, two is how we our politicians instead of looking at the root of the problems we face we throw money at it and last but not least the huge amount of power that the federal government has is a big problem.
Let’s start with the fact that we are divided, I think this is because the one thing we used to all believe in (the American Dream) died. People may attribute this to Donald Trump, I think that while trump made it worse he did not start the problem, Obama did during his 2012 campaign as in his 2012 campaign he called people like Mitt Romney a racist. That is what made Trump, conservatives saw how being complacent as the culture got taken away from them, this is why Trump’s voter base is so loyal to him because they saw him as the only person who could take back the country. That is what led to January 6th, right now the country is split into 2 very vocal parts and one side that isn’t vocal. We have the very vocal Trumpers, the Left most part of the democratic party and then you have where I fit in everyone else.
The second issue we are facing is one I feel has a very simple solution that is never going to happen, I feel a good example of how it could be fixed is health care prices, I think that this can be solved by trying to pass a bill to make healthcare prices upfront the reason this may solve that is because a study that shows the health care costs in new york state for a simple checkup will vary by up to 1000 dollars, the reason upfront prices may solve this problem is because the hospitals that charge higher prices with no real distinction in quality will have to lower their prices or go out of business.
The third and final problem will never get solved again since nobody who enters federal office will try to minimize their own power, there is a reason that everyone who enters office poor leaves office rich and it is not because of their salary. If I was able to restructure the government to my liking, I would make the federal government be used to maintain a military and foreign relations while everything else is left up to the states this may help to heal the division in our country due to the idea that people don’t care as much about the presidential elections.
That’s all I have to say I am always open to conversation and constructive criticism.

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