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For Stormy's Poetry Newsletter Contest.
Take me away from this drab, silent land -
away from snow covered fields and grey trees -
away from this sky, the color of stone.

Immerse me in a cacophony of color;
vibrant hues of rose, orange, yellow, purple -
where nature manifests itself a resplendent rainbow.

Soothe my soul with a symphony of scents
the smell of green, of delicate daisies, wistful wisteria -
intertwining odors of the life asleep under this blanket of snow.

Take me away from this silent, suffocating whiteness.
Reunite me with the world of promise that is Spring -
and with all the experiences of life being lived in full.

For Stormy's Poetry Contest 02/21
Line count: 12
Word Prompts: green, roses, scent, white, grey, stone, trees, daisies
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