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by Norman
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Asian is the word of choice
We used to all say Oriental
I thought that was okay
We didn’t mean it as a slur
At least not in my day

And Oriental means the east
While Occidental’s west
But sometimes they are worlds apart
Not saying one is best

Now Asian is the word of choice
That covers lots of ground
Japan and China plus much more
The continent around

I looked at Asia on a map
And I was sure surprised
So many countries in that pot
Way more than I surmised

With Russia thrown into the mix
I was surprised to see
That most of Russia’s in the east
I thought, how could that be?

So who decides where countries go?
To tell them where they fit
Just look at Turkey on the map
You think they like this split?

But I can be a modern man
At least I try to be
I’ve changed the term that I now use
They’re all Asian to me

And now when I hear Oriental
I just stop and shrug
I have to think that they must mean
Some finely woven rug

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