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An explosion in lab of a scientist
My acquaintance with scientist William since he developed the machine for interpretation of bird tweets.His invention helped translating what the bird tweeted.This machine gave the message of tsunami, the most devastating natural disaster of the time. Birds made the prediction and Dr. William knew that the tsunami was coming and I reported it on the weather forecast

My job was to collect news. Because I was a journalist.I worked in Daily Editor. Dr. William lived in my area and I reported in newspaper about his invention of the machine for reading birds message. Our friendship started from that time.

One month time ago, I visited his house and then he was experimenting on different species animal cell. His study was around human evolution. He was thinking of developing a mechanism of human being of advanced type that model would work more efficiently than of any time.

This story I wrote when the city I lived became almost vacant and silent. In few buildings there were people but they were hiding themselves. The situation created after the explosion in the laboratory of William and a new specie creatures were all around the city and they were attacking the city dwellers.

They looked horrible, height was like human, but face....I looked through the window on the second floor of building beside mine. They were hungry and they ate raw meat.They were brutal killer like ferocious tiger. And they shredded in one hand if they got any human. Till on that night they killed one hundred and fourteen people.They were hungry like demons.

This specie of brute was generated from William's laboratory. There were the cells of animals and they somehow became mixed and there were also other chemicals. And this brutes grew up like formation into new specie of creature.

Armed force deployed for the security. They announced to stay people at home. They downed few of those creature with gunshot. But it was hard to tell how many of them were still alive. Also it became impossible to find out where they were hiding.

Shelly was with me. She came to visit me the day before. But she could not go back for the threat of creatures. Shelly my girlfriend, also a journalist. We both were working on Daily Editor. I had my camera. I was busy to take shots. Shelly helped me.
We were in my apartment. I went to kitchen for making dinner. Then Shelly was waiting with my camera for taking shot.

I heard a sound from the balcony. I tried to look through the window of my kitchen. But could not see anything. It occurred in my mind that creature could climb up here on my apartment. I am on fifth floor of the building. This height was also easy to climb up. I already saw one creature in the house to the next door It could come over here. I didn't know if they could differ between light and darkness.Whether they could see in darkness too.

The door of the balcony I'd locked. But they had strength to break down the door. All these were going in my head and I could not work smoothly. Tense working in my head . And I was making mistake and taking time to make dinner. Shelly urged to hurry up because she was hungry. I tried to concentrate.

My stomach was empty too but I had no feeling for hunger. Fear in my mind was too intense that I had no interest in food. Prepared spices made my cooking a bit easier. Anyway, after finishing of my cooking, I took the dishes to the table and called Shelly. She came and took the seat. I sat against her. I lighted candle and switched off the light. A candle light dinner with my girlfriend. A very romantic moment. I kept a CD on my player. Music started for classic song genere.

This I arranged to make it light and reduce nerve pressure that was going on between us. We were trying to be normal though it was not so easy. We both avoided to talk about the present situation. Moreover, the army was patrolling all around the area. And for this we felt a little bit relaxed. We tried to keep attention to the food.

Door bell rang. Shelly and I looked at each other. Nothing was to be worried about. But who the else it could be on that hour! We could not assume. I forwarded to the door. My licensed gun was in my pocket. I carefully opened the door. It was general Sammy. He gave me his identity. He was informed from my office that I stayed on my apartment for my duty. And was to inquire about me.

We felt relaxed. I noticed Sammy that we were doing fine and had no problem.Mr. William was not there in the city. He went to Cyprus for a conference of scientist. But he was informed about the blast in his lab and the consequences. He felt sorry and requested general Sammy to take necessary measure. He was wondering how the lab had the blast.
I requested general Sammy to join dinner but he refused. He was on duty and there were his soldiers waiting down there for his order. He asked me if I wanted to shift to another city. Those who were there in that area shifted already. Only Dr. Samuel and his wife stayed on the first floor. His wife Sara was pregnant and she had to wait for the ambulance. This was informed by general Sammy. He requested me to call him if I needed any kind of help. And then he went away to downstairs.

We got back to the dinner table. I poured down drink on glass. Only I had one sip and then a monstrous sound of breaking glass and roaring......from the bedroom...we looked at each other.....fear I saw in Shelly's eyes....must had in my eyes too...The beast must had entered on the floor.... I really felt scared....I took the gun from my pocket with trembling hand.....And asked Shelly to give the phone call to the general Sammy. My voice echoed in my ear and it was trembling too.I prayed silently"God...Save us!

I carefully forwarded to the bedroom. Asked Shelly to stay where she was. My feet was shaking.....Though I had the gun in my hand.....but had not used it before. And I also had not the situation in whole life that I was face to face of a beast, fierce and killer, already they had killed over a hundred people in one night. And after hearing this anybody could have horripillation.My head might had spinning...I balanced myself keeping left hand on the wall.....but I needed to be courageous.....Shelly was with me....and..... I had the responsibility of her safety!

All these were going on my head and my eyes had blurred vision....I was a newsman, not a hero of a movie and I had the most dangerous situation of my entire life....in practical, not unrealistic....in front of me ! I did not know what was going to happen next. Whether we would be attacked.....and.........

I kept the first step in the room..startled.....door bell rang...I heard the sound of boots on stairs...might be the soldiers......might be general....I fired...the beast was standing on the right hand side, against the wall...like it was trying to hide...ugly....Oh!.....What is this?.....

All the beasts had their face, nose, eyes, lips...a structure, beauty....but this....? Horrible! I could not look at it. A burnt face in fire, skin was like boiled in hot water, melted....no eye....nose...or ..lip.....

General Sammy entered, he stood beside me. He asked me to back off....I did....Another two soldiers took my place. They fired with their modern weapon. It died instantly and fell down on the ground.

I could not know when Shelly came beside me, embraced. Kept her head on my chest. I was standing but did not have sense. My sense came back when general Sammy took leave, keeping two of his soldier on my floor for guard. I said, "Thank you, gen. Sammy!

Later, I discovered that the bullet thrown from my gun entered through my photo frame, where my photo was displaying.

The End

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