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by Norman
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A polyglot I'm not!

I passed this lady on the street;
I smiled and said, “Good day”.
Hey, that’s the kind of guy I am;
I’ve always been that way.

Gesundheit!” was my quick reply
when she let out a sneeze.
I have good manners when I speak,
say “Thank You” and say “Please”.

She looked at me and gave a smile,
said, “You’re a polyglot!”
While I may be a lot of things,
a polyglot I’m not!

I was insulted to my core.
How dare she call me that?
I didn’t know just what it meant.
Did she just call me fat?

Or did she mean that I was old?
Well, I confess that’s true.
But why would she make fun of me?
That’s not the thing to do.

I wiped my mouth right after lunch;
perhaps I missed a spot.
Or maybe when I dressed myself
there’s something I forgot.

There must be something wrong with me
to have her speak that way.
A polyglot does not sound good,
today or any day.

And if I am a polyglot,
well is that, oh, so bad?
But when I thought about it more
I started to feel sad.

Yeah, I was hurt she called me that
but what was I to do?
I simply turned and glared at her
and said, “Well, same to you!

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