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by Norman
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I've seen that crazy show
Naked and afraid
I’ve seen that crazy show
They must survive where you and I
Would never want to go

They do it in the buff
Yeah, everything is bare
I would not walk around like that
Not there, nor anywhere

It’s not a nudist camp
Where they play volleyball
They’re in the jungles and the swamps
Without a coverall

A woman and a man
What were they thinking of?
Neither one can cover up
Their bottom or above

It’s not a sexy scene
Although they’re in the nude
And if you’ve watched the show at all
You’d know it’s pretty crude

There’re snakes and nasty bugs
They’re crawling all around
And they don’t even have flip-flops
When walking on that ground

So how do they survive?
I wouldn’t last a day
I’d stand there covering up myself
I’d close my eyes and pray

I don’t think I'd survive
Without a nice hotel
That has a shower and a bed
A mini-bar as well

I’m not the outdoors type
The way some people are
When I get too hot on the beach
I head back to the car

And I’m not into swamps
To me they’re just not fun
Yeah, even with a naked mate
To frolic in the sun

Remember there are snakes
And other things that bite
I don’t think I’d enjoy myself
I’d shrivel up with fright

So if they call me up
And want me on their show
I wouldn’t have to stop and think
My answer would be, “NO!
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