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someone's first victory.
There was a notebook in my front lawn today.
Where did it come from? I wondered as I went inside the house.
I sat at the kitchen table and opened it. The notebook had lined paper but it was blank. I tossed it to the side for a moment as I got ready for the day.
I thought of last night. I had stayed up late working. I was exhausted but it had to be done before a new day approached. All the strenuous movement had made my body weak. But I was happy I had completed it. I had nothing to worry about anymore. It was just a shame I had no one to share my first victory with.
I stared at the notebook for a moment before deciding to write in it.
Why not? I thought, as I opened it to the first page. It did not seem to belong to anyone.
It’s mine, now.
I found a pen and I was ready to write down my first victory. I was proud of myself. That is when I noticed something.
Did I overlook this?
I was confused. There, on the very first page, was a single word.
Eh, whatever, I must have.
I scratched out the word, and as I did, I thought I heard a small cry.
I looked around and did not notice anything out of the ordinary.
I gasped in surprise.
“Please don’t do that.”
“What the hell!”
I was awestruck. Right before me, I saw words manifest right before me.
“Don’t look too shocked.”
“Who are you?” I cried.
“I am your first victory. Did you forget? You buried me last night.”
“How is this possible?”
More words continued to manifest.
“Anything is possible when you are dead. You left me alone. I sold my soul to deliver you a message. This notebook will be my way to communicate.”
This was insane.
“What do you want?”
I waited for a moment before I received an answer.
“Bring me more.”
“I...can’t. I promised myself. I only needed this one kill. You are it. And it was victorious!”
I thought I heard laughter from a distance.
“Hundreds more. You thought you killed an innocent person. When you actually killed a monster!”
“I just wanted to know what it felt to kill someone. But only once!” I shouted.
“You took my life away! Now you will be my assistant! Bring me more!”
“I can’t! I don’t want to!”
“Bring me more! Or I’ll bring the authorities to take you down!”
This made me laugh.
“How are you going to do that?”
“This notebook arrived to you. Imagine if it mysteriously landed at the police station. The possibilities are endless when I have the devil by my side.”
This scared me. I did not want to go to jail.
“Tonight, you begin. Do not fail me!”
This notebook had sealed my fate! I was subdued to be the killer of my first victory.

Word count: 497
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