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Junior is depressed and is going through a lot of pain. Hopefully, his family can help him
Warning: Story contains suicide attempts, actual suicide, and swearing. If, for any reason, this story triggers you in any way, please don't read.

(Author's Note: I (sadly) do not own the Mario Franchise. That belongs to Nintendo.)

Junior's Depression


Bowser: 54

Ludwig: 22

Roy (older than Morton by a month): 20

Morton (younger than Roy by a month): 20

Iggy: 17

Wendy: 16

Lemmy: 14

Larry: 12

Bowser Jr: 5

*The story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, a Kingdom without it's hero*

Chapter 1: Why, Why, Why!

It was a rainy day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The rain was pouring, the thunder was getting louder by the minute, and the atmosphere was sad. Today, the Kingdom had lost someone. He was always there when times were rough. And he always will be, in their hearts. Today, they mourn the loss of King Bowser Koopa.
"Today, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of our hero.", Princess Peach stated, trying hard not to break down in front of her Kingdom. Everyone was at the funeral, not just the Toads and Yoshis. Everyone was there, including his rivals, Mario and Luigi. Even the Koopalings were invited to the funeral.
"On this day, we have lost one of Mushroom Kingdom's finest and most honorable Koopa here, King Bowser Koopa. Yes, he was our rival, but we still treated him with the respect he deserved. And he tried calling a truce with us. But he was too late."
Everyone was sobbing. You see, Bowser had cancer, and he only had two months to live. He never told the Koopalings anything, in fear they might do something reckless to try and heal him. The only people he told were Peach and Kamek. He made them swear that they would not tell anyone, and they agreed. And in 1 month and 30 days, he made up all his wrong-doings as best as he could.
"But no matter how bad he was, he will always be....b-be a....." The princess couldn't finish her sentence because she broke down crying in front of everyone. Then, Mario came up to console her, and finish her speech.
"He will always be....a good friend." His voice sounded dead and serious, like he just completely gave up on everything. The ones who were crying the most were the Koopalings.
Ludwig was holding his head down, tears freely flowing down his cheeks, Roy was trying to console Wendy, who was sobbing her eyes out. Morton was trying to console Lemmy and Larry, as they were also sobbing their eyes out, and Iggy was crying and hugging his pet chain chomp.
But none of them were feeling the pain little Jr was feeling. He. Was. Traumatized. He was frozen stiff, tears falling down his cheeks, his face all red from sobbing hard. He didn't know what happened to his father, but he knew he wasn't coming back. The Koopalings were being consoled by the Mario Bros and Wario Bros.
After Peach had collected herself together, she continued speaking. "Rest in peace, Bowser. You will be missed." Bowser's casket was being lowered into the ground, making the Koopalings sob even harder. Then, one by one, they each tossed in a rose, his favorite flower, on his casket.
First Ludwig, then Roy, Morton, Iggy, Wendy, Lemmy, and Larry. Finally, it was Jr's turn. He hesitated first, then tossed the rose in. The rose landed on the casket before it became out of sight.
He was shaking at the sight. He couldn't contain himself as he fell to his knees and started to sob again. "Why....why......why?" He said as he was starting to sob harder by the second. "Why, why, why?" He was almost shouting at that point. His siblings looked at him and felt sorry for him. They went to console him when he finally snapped.
"Why...why....why!? Why, why, why! WHY, WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!" He cried harder than ever that day. The thunder roared as the Koopalings consoled their brother, who was sobbing so hard and so much, he basically started his own river. His eyes were full of tears and his palms were bleeding due to him clenching his fists so much and so hard. He didn't know what to do now that his Dad is gone. And after that day, the kingdom, the Koopalings, and Bowser Jr, would never be the same.

And done. I know this is a short chapter, and I apologise, but I honestly didn't know what to put in this chapter. So, now we know what caused Jr's depression, but you won't be able to see his depression until chapter 2. And I want everyone to know, I will be doing these stories from POV'S. Now, buckle up because from now on, things are gonna get real. Thank you for making it to the end of this chapter, and I hope you have a wonderful day

Turtle Out
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