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by Kitbok
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Biblical Devotional Poem
"...God finished the work that he had done...." Gen.2.2
"Jesus.....said, It is finished..."John. 19: 30 (NRSV)

God created heaven and earth,
And all its vast array,
When He finished what He had done,
He rested on the seventh day.

Thus, God finished the work,
To create matter and living things,
The sun, the stars, and the universe,
And most of all human beings.

How wonderful this human life,
God's greatest creation indeed,
He gave humans the best of all,
He provides them with all they need.

But what if God had not finished,
All the work that He had done,
It is possible we do not exist,
Me, you, and also everyone.

But not only God finished the work,
And all that He had done,
For he loved the world so much,
He sent His only begotten Son.

Then at the cross in Calvary,
For our sins, he was punished,
Before he died for you and me,
He said these words, 'It is finished."

Glory be to God in the highest,
For he finished what he had done,
And Jesus Christ at Calvary,
Finished his work for our salvation.

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