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A short story of three friends discussing over government's new order.
"Hush! Did you hear the news?" Tara asked with sorrow.

"No but what has really happened? Why do you look so concerned?" replied Joy.

"How can I not be concerned? This is about coffee ☕. My day begins with a sip of coffee and ends with a sip too. But now it's all gone." she cried endlessly.

"Ok but first you should stop crying. Calm down. I'll look into the matter" consoled Joy.

Government is showing its enormity. Was there any need to suddenly ban coffee? Was it necessary? This is not the first time when coffee has been banned. It is already banned in five nations - Mecca, Italy, Constantinople, Sweden, Prussia. It increases the chances of heart attack. It is also used as a cheap means of drugs, which can be taken publicly.

Just today the news came out and the people are all gathered on streets. Some have even reached the media. Social posts and sites are all filled with hate comments.
Rich people quickly find legal loopholes allowing them to continue using coffee without interference. For poor, it is easier to burn public property and to rebuke. On the other hand, the government is quite sure that it will not see eye to eye with the public. If swayed by the people not ban it, they will surely raise the price to cost an arm and a leg.

"No pleasure in today's news but what's the need of frazzling. Coffee has always been a luxury, not a necessity. I can't guess why these people are creating a storm in tea cup." Andy expressed his skepticism.

"Oh, you call it a storm in a tea! Have you even ever liked coffee before. Surely then it's a good news for you." Tara spoke with agitation.

After that, Andy switched on the television.
People were shouting on the streets. Some were throwing coffee on the reporters and the camera for enraging the authorities. But the smarter ones were those who went straight inside the malls to buy coffee packets in bulk for future use. There were some who were totally oblivious and were drinking warm espresso in their homes. It was a similar situation like an outbreak. The public was out of control.

Suddenly, Tara spoke after looking at the situation: "I accept that excess drinking of coffee is bad but it's not something which needs to be made illegal. I pity these people battling for their rights. I wish I could do something or persuade the government to take it's decree back."

"You are right Tara. The government can't become so ruthless. I am sure they will take some action soon. Let's wait for them to react and another day to pass." Joy ended the talk.

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