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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #2248235
It could be revenge stew
They say revenge is best served cold
A stew you’ll want to brew
One dish that you will want to serve
And watch the victim chew

That gives you time to work things out
To tweak the recipe
To add the spices till you get
Just how the dish should be

If it’s revenge you want to serve
I know just how you feel
I’m not much of a gourmet chef
But I can fix that meal

You let the juices do their work
Until you have the stew
And then you strike just when you like
It all depends on you

Anticipation is the spice
That helps you pass the days
You think about what you can do
In, oh, so many ways

It’s best that you should take your time
It’s good to have a pause
Could be that slight that angered you
Resulted from a cause

Yeah, you may be the one at fault
The one who caused this fight
And he’s the one that you should fear
‘Cause he’s the one who’s right

What if the tables have been turned
And you must watch your back?
He might be planning his revenge
A careful sneak attack

Yeah, he may be the one who plots
While you are plotting too
Be careful of each meal you eat
It could be revenge stew

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