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How I had the weekly going out experience with Julia Cameron.
I put down the book. I had an idea. Now I knew exactly where my third weekly out of the house experience should go to. The scouts had a cottage in the forest where they had a sale. Old stuff you could buy.

I took my jacket. Put the leash on the dog and took my wellingtons. I knew that the ground could be wet and slippery on the path to there.

While walking at the pavement I was thinking about how much that book had changed me. "The Artist Way" it is called in English. In my country the name is:"Kreativitet".

I live near the ocean, so walking in nature is something I do every day,
But this time I could walk in the forest and go shopping at the same time.

The birds were singing. Everything was about to get green. Lovely flowers in a bright yellow colour stod along the path.

I got there in half an hour. The Corona close down was over for this time.
I didn't want to go inside because I knew my dog would bark. I took a look around outside. There was a shelter with some stuff inside. I hade exactly
Three dollars to spend in coins. There was an old wooden box, that I needed for my new project. Inside it there was a barbie doll and some clothes for her.

A lady came out as I was carrying the box towards the shop. "How much for the box"?
"A dollar", she said.
"I have exactly three dollars and I want the doll too"!

If you would like to know, what happened next. Find Barbie on Pinterest.
Mine is in an outfit made of ambrella over and Christmas present left over. You can find her on Writco too. Lisa Harbinger. 🍀😊
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