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The Whatever Contest - Long Poem
36 Lines

The cat and the kitten:
the story was well-written.
The cat was quite smitten
when it was re-written.
To everyone in town,
The chatter would matter.

Today, something happened;
meowing their way through,
somehow they knew that their
troubles were few, because
this is how they both grew;
they both wanted to stay.

The touch of the flowers
went on for hours. By
the rules that were taught,
the custom was such that
reality sunk in;
they both learned a lot.

For a purrfect time,
the fragrant smell of the plants
brought sunshine to their plans.
The company was great;
to dine with such grace, they
were enjoying their meal.

Dreams were coming true; with
their soft meows, they slept
in the loft with hardly
a stir; they were at peace.
Elegant was their paws;
it made them relevant.

The cat and the kitten;
it was still fitting to
know, that they still had it
made; they are stars that are
not quitting. This was a
document well-written.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, April 25, 2021

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