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One of the worst things that can happen to a person, is not to have control of yourself.
An alarm clock sounds. I open my eyes and look to see that it's seven am. I realize that I need to get ready for her job interview. I'm so nervous. I put in a ton of applications but this is the only one willing to give me an interview. I have to get this job or I will lose my apartment.
I leap out of bed and run into the bathroom, turning on the water to the shower. I take my clothes off and jump in, taking a quick shower. when I'm done, I leap out and quickly towel myself dry, putting on my bra and panties. I walk into the bedroom and over to the closet. I pull out my favorite outfit, a silky white blouse and short black skirt, matching it with a pair of black high heels. I walk over to the tall mirror and give my look a final check, before walking out the door.
The office I'm interviewing at is nearby so i decide to walk there. I walk down the street, walking a few blocks down the road, until i get to a tall building. I walk into the front door and over to the front desk. The woman behind the desk looks up from her papers, seemingly annoyed with me for bothering her.

Woman: May i help you?
Me: I'm here for an interview with Mr. Hank Smith.
Woman: 10th floor.
Me: Thank you.

The reception ignores me and returns to her paperwork, not caring at all that she's being rude. I walk over to the elevator and press the button. the doors open and i step on in, pressing the button for the 10th floor. The doors close and the elevator moves slowly up the shaft. I can feel the nerves start to creep on me and i take another deep breath.
The elevator stops and the doors open. I step out and walk over to another receptionist. This woman seems a little friendlier than the last one. She looks up and smiles at me.

Receptionist: May I help you?
Me: I'm Judy Marks, here for my interview with Mr. Smith.

The receptionist continues to smile as she turns to the phone and picks up the receiver, putting it up to her ear as she presses a button. She waits for a few minutes, finally getting a response on the other end.

Receptionist: I have Mrs. Marks here for her interview...yes sir.

The receptionist hangs up the phone and turns to me, smiling. I hope that Mr. Smith hasn't changed his mind. God the nerves are getting so bad. I really need to relax or I'm going to blow it. I take a deep breath and clinch my hands together again. I take another deep breath and finally feel my nerves start to calm again.

Receptionist: You may go in.
Me: Thanks again.
Receptionist: No problem.

The receptionist returns to her work. I take one last deep breath and walk through the door. The office looks like any other. Mr. Smith is sitting behind his desk doing some work. He's a very tall handsome man with a very tone body. His black suit looks so perfect on him. I can't help but find myself a little attracted to him a little. He's so sexy.. What am I saying. I can't be thinking like that about my boss. I need to keep a clear head if I'm going to get this job.

Hank: Please sit.

Hank waves me over, motioning for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk. I walk over and hand him my resume. I take a seat as he takes the resume and starts scanning it over. I nervously wait for him to finish. He finally puts the resume down and looks up at me, still looking very serious. I try to hide my nerves, not sure if the serious look is a good sign or a bad one.

Hank: You don't have much experience as a personal assistant, so tell me, why should I hire you?

I can feel my heart start to sink as my chances of getting this job seems to be disappearing. I fold my hands together and take a deep breath, trying to control myself. I have to get ahold of myself and try to come up with something, in order to salvage the interview, without coming off as desperate.

Me: I'm really smart, I learn fast, and I'll do whatever it takes to get ahead.
Hank: I'm just not sure. I think I need to know more about you before I decide.
Me: what do you need to know?
Hank: Come here.

I stand out of my chair and walk over, standing between him and the desk. Somehow I suddenly understand what he wants. I unbutton my blouse and letting it slide to the floor. I don't want to but I can't stop myself. It's like I've lost all control.

Me: Please don't me do this.
Hank: You do want this job, don't you?

I realize that I don't have a choice. I unhook by bra and let it fall to the floor. I can see Hank likes what he sees, hungry for more. What have I gotten myself into. I wish I could stop, he won't let me.
I climb into his lap, facing him, straddling his legs between mine. Hank takes both of my breasts in his hands and begins kneading them, rubbing his thumbs against my nipples. Shivers run down my spine. I feel my panties getting wet. I want to run away, now more than ever.
He puts my right breast in his mouth, sucking on it, his tongue lightly brushing against my nipple. More waves flood through my body as he goes from the right breast to the left. My panties are soaked.
What's wrong with me? I want him so much. My body's screaming for him to fuck me, fick me like I've never been fucked before, but he's going to be my boss. I can't be feeling this way. What am I gonna do?

Hank: Very nice. Now let's see the rest.

I unzip my skirt and pull it down to the floor, followed by my panties. Hank is now grinning. He pulls me back onto his lap, in pulling me close. His hands are exploring my body, making my body quiver.

Hank: You know what you must do.

I nod. Sliding down to the floor in front of Hank, I unzip his hands and pull out his cock, caressing it with him right hand, my thumb running the Tim. I hear Hank closes his eyes and moans, liking what I'm doing.

Hank: That's it, keep going.

I lean down and put all of his cock in mouth, sliding it in and out slowly, licking the long thick shaft with my tongue. I move quicker and quicker sliding it all the way each time. Hank continues to moan, making me so hot for him. I move faster and faster, making him climax hard, swallowing every ounce of his seed.
I look up to see that he's very satisfied with me, making me smile. I climb onto his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck, presenting my breasts to him. He takes them in his hands and gently squeezes them, his thumbs playfully brushing against my nipples.

Hank: You really want this don't you?
Me: More than anything.

Why am I saying this? What kind of control does he have over me. I'm not acting like myself. I need to stop. I need to leave. I can't let him think that like this. I try to move but I can't.i want to cry but nothing comes out.

Hank: I can tell

Hank sucks on my breasts, moving from one to the other, the back again, his tongue playfully flicking my nipple. I moan, wanting more. My pussy is so wet for him. I'm ready to force myself on him, show him what I can really do. He sees the hunger in my eyes and stops, grinning at me. I just look at him, my eyes begging him to continue, making him grin even more.

Me: Please don't stop.
Hank: We have work to do. now be a good girl and put the files away.

I climb off his lap and turn to the desk. I feel his hands reach out and caress my pussy as I walk over to the cabinet, making my body tingle. I know he's watching me as put the files away, turning me on even more.

Hank: I think you need to cool down.

I walk over to the refrigerator and open the freezer. I pull out a popsicle and close the freezer door. I unwrap it. I give the popsicle a lick and the suck on it, sensually, turning me on more than it is cooling me off.

Hank: Let's try this.

I lightly brush my nipples with the popsicle, making me shiver a little, before bringing it down between my legs. I slide it into my pussy, sliding it in and out, like a cock. My mind wonders to visions of Hank fucking me and I can't help but moan. Hank watches with glee. I go faster and faster, sliding the whole popsicle in me until I climax all over it.i pull it out, wanting more.

Hank: it didn't help did it? Come here.

I walk over, handing him the popsicle. He sucks on the popsicle, tasting my juices, enjoying it. He tosses the the popsicle into the trash and then he turns to me. I could tell that he's getting tremendous joy in controlling me, playing with me like a doll.

Hank:it's not so much fun when someone else has all the control is it.
Me: What are you talking about?
Hank: you don't remember do you? What you did to me.

He can tell by the confused look on my face that I don't have any clue what he's talking about. His face beces angrier and meaner, scaring me a little. Then an evil grin comes upon his face.

Hank: It doesn't matter now. I own you and I'm going to have a lot of fun, making your life hell.
Me: I'm do sorry.
Hank: oh you will be. You're going to be so sorry when I get done with you.yoi see, the abilities to read minds and control people, aren't the only powers I have.
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