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Our memories can take us on magical adventures of yesteryear's delights.

We erected our umbrella
to shield us from the moon,
afraid the nosy man there
--or the satellites—
might see our nakedness.

We snuggled into the finesse
and enchantment of
summertime’s coconut skin
and the clouds ran from us
to the north and to the south.

A gentle, seasoned breeze swirled
seductive in our midst,
and the warmth of a bronze
aura of lights coaxed us
into its caress.

We could not escape the
glitter of His omnipotent,
twinkling eyes peering
down on us from above
the Cocoa evening.

We were lovers in a daydream,
lavishing in our fantasies
and making memories
in softly coarse sand.

Before the hushing raindrops
pulled a Camisado rank,
we dove into the intrinsic
depths of the other,
not caring to come up for air.

When finally our breath
caught up with us,
delighted exhaustion
overwhelmed us,
and we lay silent
in the knowing.

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