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Rated: E · Other · Thriller/Suspense · #2249352
lesson for thriller class - setting
I'm thinking about using an intergalactic trade planet. Sentient life from all over the universe gathers there to trade goods, services, and each other. There are gangs of orphaned children that circulate through the markets. (The victim pool.) They survive through petty theft, begging, and handouts. Raen grew up among the gangs and now works as a messenger between shops and their clientele

The markets vary blending from crisp clean regulated shops to the dirty illicit back alley shacks of questionable moral fortitude. Residences exist above, below and behind the shops, stalls, and shacks the purveyors run. The gangs bed down in whatever warm safe space they can find.

Law on the trade planet is lax, to allow for legal trade in contraband items from various worlds, and trafficking in sentient and semi-sentient life forms. For the most part the law only gets involved if one of the trade guilds brings an issue before them. The deaths of groups of gutter rats don't rate a reaction, from anyone.

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