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This is a poem not for everyone and not everyone will agree with it. It's dark and heavy.
I hate the world,
Its so full of people hurting each other and never thinking about how it makes the other person feel.
People lie or give you false hope.
People die because they just can't cope.
Nice people don't exist and if they do they are fakes.
They may not agree but they are the same as you or me.
Except they take it too far till you can barely breathe.
Your stuck in a never ending loop trying to make sense of something that is not in your control.
People control you, tell you life isn't fair but they are really just blowing hot air.
Opinions don't matter and speaking your mind isn't free.
The moment you open your mouth people just ignore you and let you sink.
When they ask how I'm doing well that's irrelevant because in reality they don't care.
Time and time again we are hurt and for what?
Is it really worth it?
Why did I leave that dark dark void behind?
They told me life may be tough but there is good too but how long does good really last?
The only beauty left is ashen barren earth rotting away from from all the abuse.
I hate the world and I frankly don't need to give anyone an excuse.
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