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Novalis's lover who died too young. Novalis, the German poet. Hymns to the Night.
I believe in the Goddess of night
Always floating out of sight
Daytime comes and she disappears
But in my mind she reappears

One by one the stars emerge
If you listen close she can be heard
A fleeting glimps of a woman in dress
She spreads her wings and dares to impress

The Goddess of night holds many secrets
Only with special senses can she be met
The glory of power that be this here woman
She is like our dear Lord, she cared for the Roman

A power so strong that it defies belief
But I know for sure she carries much life
Into the night time, the sky full of stars
Her heart is beating and it's all ours

The Goddess of night, my senses reeled
The unknown is her special field
The Goddess of night stands free and strong
For she gives us hope and a beautiful song

So the next time you're standing alone in the night
Remember my story and know that it's right
She is a-watching from her palace above
She knows you're calling for her heart of love.

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