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Anna and Kristoff are finding a suitable groom for Elsa.
"Where are you taking me Anna?"

"Don't speak, just come with me. I will tell you everything", Anna spoke as she was holding Elsa's hand and running down the stairs to take her to the main hall.

Kristoff was waiting for them. Anna had already dressed Elsa as elegantly as a princess should. Elsa looked stunning in her purple gown and green necklace. She wore high heels that matched her dress. As she descended the stairs there was a collective gasp of admiration at the sight of her.

Anna slowly whispered in Elsa's ears, "Look, don't fumble everything. Kristoff has invited renowned princes from various kingdoms to see and woe you. Analyze each of them carefully and choose the one which you think is most suitable."

Elsa was dumbfounded. She was thinking how mischievous is Anna's mind. But now she was left with no option except for attending the guests.

Olaf and Swen had almost done with the decorations. More than fifty guests were invited in the party. The princes were dressed opulently like royalty in the proper attire. It was hard to choose one.

By now, Anna began to introduce all those princes to her, one by one.

"Elsa, this is Prince of Occules, Sir Ronald Jr. He is a specialist in psychology and has ability to read minds just by facial expressions. Isn't it good?"

"And Sir, this is our royal princess, Elsa", interrupted Kristoff.

"Nice to meet you. Please have the dinner with us", said Elsa with a constant fake smile on her face.

"This is Henry Cooper, the beloved prince of Athens", introduced Anna.

"Hello mister. Nice to meet you. Please have dinner with us", replied Elsa.

Anna continued to introduce more than eleven princes to her but Elsa was same as every time, replying everyone the same with a sham smile. None of the princes had the charm to win Elsa's heart.

The dinner started at the stroke of eight. Everyone was sitting on their designated seats when Elsa rose up to announce something. As Elsa stood with a serious posture, Anna became more nervous.

"It was a pleasant day and it was nice to meet you all. Thank you for gathering here. I am here to announce my partner now", Elsa spoke with a strong and determined voice.

"Oh no Elsa! Please don't do this." Anna whispered slowly pulling Elsa's clothing backwards.

But Elsa continued-

"I am the princess of snow and ice. I yet have some duties to perform while holding this position. I believe it's not the time for me to marry. I am married to the snow."

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