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This story is about a young boy, who tries to save people.
Chapter one: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is the story about a teen, His name, you ask? His name is Jaden. Jaden is 16 years old, 6ft, and skinny, Jaden has always been very skinny. Jaden had beautiful blond hair and electric blue eyes.

Jaden had been an orphan for his entire life, one day as he left the orphanage and headed to his high school he noticed a burning building with people screaming. Jaden had always wanted to save people, He ran in, stupidly to save those people.

He ran inside, the heat burning him as he ran through, He came into a room with a baby, the mother was killed from burning in the other room, unknown to Jaden, He ran back to the entrance and saved him, The firefighters came.

Firefighter Jordy said "Why would you run in there?" as Jaden was being loaded in the ambulance. "I... I wanted to be... a hero... so I did what a.. hero would do..."

Jaden had third-degree burns on his right leg and was forced to use crutches. At school was difficult, as getting anywhere was hard with crutches. Jaden only hoped this would heal soon.

Chapter Two: When you need to decide.

Two weeks had passed since Jaden had saved the now-orphaned baby. Jaden felt extreme grief as he couldn't save the mother, but at least the baby had another chance to live. Somehow he wasn't burned at all, so that was good!

Jaden was able to walk now un-aided, his leg had one big scar on the back. He wore shorts during the summer and people would comment on it, Jaden would be happy to let people know how he got it, by saving a life.

Jaden was not mad at himself that he tried to save someone, in fact, he was happy that he got to visit the orphaned baby in the hospital, his name was Jordi, Jordi was very cute so Jaden was happy he saved him.

Sometimes when you need to decide, you may die, It's all a part of life. Jaden was not going to let some flames kill him.

Chapter three: Coffee mugged.

Jaden was at a beautiful little coffee shop after school, working on homework and sipping some delicious coffee.

Jaden's teachers were very sympathetic to why Jaden couldn't participate in PE class, but they agreed Jaden would have a bit more homework after school, which he was finishing up.

About an hour later, he finished, he packed his stuff up, paid $10 + tips to the cashier, and left. Outside there were three men smoking, One in the middle was vaping with a Juul.

Jaden was walking by them when he felt a tap on his shoulder, He turned around.

The vaping middle man said "Give us some money! We saw you in the coffee shop!", I replied with "I used all the money I had on my coffee." Which was a lie as I always saved $20 just in case, The left man punched Jaden in the gut.

Jaden fell on his knees, clutching his gut, in pain. The sound of sirens came around them. Jaden was in so much pain all he could hear was, "YOU ~ UNDER ARREST ~ THE ASSAULT ON THIS YOUNG MAN!", Jaden didn't know who said this but guessed later that it was the police. Jaden was hauled in an ambulance, once more.

Chapter four: Help those who cannot help themselves.

After another week in the hospital, Jaden was out, he was walking home when he saw someone on the ground, a wheelchair was rolling away, Jaden quickly ran for the wheelchair.

The man looked about 20-ish, his legs were... Where were his legs? The man didn't have legs.

Jaden rolled the wheelchair back.

(Time to wait again! Hopefully, you like it and if I get a lot of love, I'll do two chapters next time!)
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