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my reaction to the song which moved me - I wrote about my true love story.
Reaction to the song, "You Don't Need to be Cool Anymore"

You don’t need to be cool
You don’t need to be anything.

You are all
That I ever needed.

You don’t need to play games
Just be yourself.

For you are me
And I am you

That is just the way it is
Ever We first met
In my dreams,

And when you walked,
Into my life,
I knew, and you knew
We were one.

Now we spend all our time
And that is also
The way it should be.

As we grow old,
Until the end of our time,
We will love each other.

Until we meet
In our next life,
As we surely will.

So I conclude
With the song lyrics once more,
"You don’t need to be cool anymore
Just be yourself"
And that is all that we both need

Author note: The central mystery of our life is the fairy tale nature of how we met. I first dreamt of her in 1974 when I fell asleep in a class in my senior year of college and there she was, the woman of my dreams. I had to decide where to go in the PC and had a choice Korea or Thailand and chose Korea when she came to me and say one word when I said where are you. She said "Korea. " I went to Korea to find her never saw in the Peace Corps. then I met her a month before I was leaving my ESL job to return to graduate school and had the last dream when she said, "Don't worry I will you soon". then she came to me that night walking off a bus and into life. The next day she was waiting for me we went out and she said, "you are mine." I laughed "fine". I told her about the dreams a few days later, we got married two months later. We married 40 years ago. for details see my various 'Dream Girl" entries in my portfolio or on my blog at https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com or in Dreams and the Unexpected published by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers in 2017.
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