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The DragonDawn Saga motivations, details, and content.
The DragonDawn Saga will be motivated partially by gifts. For now gifted points will contribute to the next story arc chapter. However, once I run out of storage space on my free Writing.com account, I will need to rely on gifted account access of increasing level. I hope my saga will speak for itself by then. I plan to have media elements and additional reference articles to explain Cosmic culture, terms, tech,abilities, etc.

While technically considered a fanfic with some crossovers, Gulp is always part of the focus. In almost every case Gulp is either outside the title events (before and/or after) or is part of the story as an ambiguous character which may or may not be referenced in official lore (like the Devine King in Fire Emblem-Shadow Dragon). Wile some lore has been filld in or finished for the sake of Gulp and the adventures, there are no contradictions to my knowledge. Please keep in mind that while Gulp is seemingly all powerful, he is always limited by the currant universe's rules and time period. Note: Some stories have inspirations from other fanfics or other web story and almost nothing is original so rather than listing insanely long credits, I thank all those imaginative minds here. A very special thanks to Christopher Paolini whose Eragon book was my first novel and the beginning of my dragon obsession. Saphira really touched and along with other Alagasian concepts quickly developed much of the core of Gulp and the saga.
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