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by Norman
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We have to ban Emojis now
Emojis are the bane of Man
For those of us who write
We have to ban Emojis now!
You know that I am right

That stupid little smiling face
Was just the start, you know
Now there are a million more
I hate to tell you so

So this is what it’s come down to
No need to say a word
Just send some silly image off
It’s really quite absurd

At one time we were literate
Yes, once upon a time
And people would write poetry
With rhythm and with rhyme

Now we just send smart-phone texts
No, we don’t even speak
We trade Emojis back and forth
Just like some weirdo geeks

Soon language will be obsolete
No need to speak or write
Emojis will be all we use
You know that I am right

So we must make a stand right now
Before this comes to be
Don’t let Emojis ruin our world
Let’s live Emoji free!


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