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by Mac
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2250956
Vivi gets an order to go on her first mission for Baroque Works, a weapon negotiation.

Dear Miss Wednesday,

Your first mission has been decided. You should celebrate. Now that you are done celebrating, it is time to find out what Mr. 0 wants you to do.

We are sending you and Mr. 9 to Mock Town on Jaya Island to meet with Bertrade Gloom, a local weapons dealer to ensure that the millions and billions will have enough weapons for the upcoming war. You will meet her at the Pubs and Pies Bar using the phrase, "Wednesday's child is born", when prompted. You will then tell her that we have agreed to her cost and find out how long we are going to have to wait for the weapons.

Anything beyond two months is unacceptable and she will have to make it faster if she claims that amount of time. You may do whatever you need to do if she disagrees, Mr. 0 has given his blessing. Otherwise, I would prefer you not to use your "negotiation tactics".

We look forward to hearing the results of the trip in a letter from you soon.

Sincerely, Miss All Sunday


Vivi looked up from the letter with her first mission from Baroque Works and thought back to when she and Igaram were told they had been accepted into Baroque Works.

They had been together practicing fighting, Igaram with his saxophone which doubled as a shotgun, a present from his wife, and Vivi with her Peacock Slashers. The Peacock Slashers were a weapon that Vivi had seen used by a traveling entertainer. The entertainer, a beautiful woman, would use the wires, with jewels on the end to cut wood and fruit to entertain Vivi and other children back when Vivi would sneak out of the palace to meet with Suna Suna Clan.

While she and Igaram were practicing, a strange looking bird came carrying a pair of letters, one for Vivi and one for Igaram. The bird delivered the pair of letters and flew away. Vivi opened the letter and found that Robin had been able to get them both in. Vivi had been given the code-name Miss Wednesday. Robin in the letter said that the name was nondescript and no one in the Baroque Works would even look Vivi's way. She was also happy to read that Mr. 9 would be her assistant, partner. Vivi chuckled when she read the little joke that Robin had written there. After reading the letters, she looked over to Igaram, who had been given the code name Mr. 8, to be paired with someone neither knew named Miss Monday. The pair then decided to double their training.

Igaram had been sent on his first mission a week before Vivi, he was to go to Whiskey Peaks and make sure everything was fine there, apparently a group of pirates, new to the Grand Line, had come through and wiped out nearly the entire group of millions and billions that had been stationed there.

Now, it was Vivi's turn for her first mission.

After thinking back, she and Mr. 9 were just arriving in the port in Mock Town. Vivi looked over at Mr.9 and shook her head, he waited on her hand and foot, which, being a princess, Vivi appreciated, but it also annoyed her, Robin had been a much more engaging follower. Robin challenged her, and had even been able to change her mind, Mr. 9 on the other hand, just annoyed her.

"We are almost there Miss Wednesday." He said, sounding like a dog wanting to please its master. Vivi chuckled, maybe she had overdone it on the way to the island.

On the way, feeling bored, Vivi had invited Mr. 9 into her cabin and put him under to further enhance his loyalty. Vivi knew it was not needed, but there would be no issue with making him more loyal, and she was bored, and she wanted to pass the time. The problem with this was it made Mr. 9 even more of a kiss-ass to Vivi, and in spite of Vivi's best efforts of trying not to let it affect her, every time he complimented her, it did feed into her ego a little bit.

When the ship docked, Vivi got off first. She put her new light green overcoat on top of her spiral shirt and walked with purpose towards the Pubs and Pies Bar. Now that she was supposed to be Miss Wednesday, she had changed her attire. She now wore short white shorts held up by a jeweled belt. She also wore white boots with heels, which nearly went up to her knees. After getting off the ship, she moved her hand through her newly done hair, which was now in a more functional ponytail, with a jeweled hair tie to keep it in place.

Mr. 9, not directly looking at Vivi, kept his head down and walked slightly left and three feet behind Vivi, constantly readjusting the crown on his head.

The pair soon arrived at the bar and Vivi walked in, followed by Mr. 9. Vivi looked around the bar, hopeful that someone would catch her eye, all she knew was that Bertrade Gloom was a woman. She saw a few women in the bar but none that stood out too much. She walked up to the bar and asked the barkeep for a Grand Marnier. She then looked over at Mr. 9.

"What do you want? Vivi asked him.

"I'll have what you are having." He answered back, smiling.

Vivi sighed and then put up two fingers to the barkeep. The barkeep rolled his eyes, nodded then went to grab a bottle.

Vivi then turned her stool and looked around at the women in the bar. There were three women by her count.

The first was an old woman who looked like she might have a bit of merman in her blood, due to her teeth looking sharp. She was taller than the man she was talking to and had beautiful blonde hair, done up in braids.

The second woman looked more hardened. She had a scar over her left eye and was drinking Liqueur straight from the bottle. She had three young boys, who looked to be about 8 to 10, hanging on her every word and she seemed to be telling them tales. Vivi wondered if the tales she was telling were true, but she did not have the time to find out.

The final woman was younger, she was with a man who looked like he had been in more fights than the woman with the scar over her left eye. This woman was also blonde, but it did not look real, like the woman had dyed it. The woman was laughing at all the jokes the man was telling, an act that annoyed Vivi due to her obnoxious laugh. Vivi wanted to be angry at the woman, using her looks, but she couldn't help but admire the woman for having this man so tied up around her finger. She looked over at Mr. 9 real quick, saw his puppy dog eyes staring at her, and looked away, nearly drowning in the irony.

The barkeep then tapped the bar and Vivi turned around and saw her drink sitting there. "Thank you", she said to the barkeep before motioning him to come a little closer. She then whispered at him. "Does the name Gloom, mean anything to you?"

The barkeep leaned back away from her and smiled, "Hey Bertrade", he said at the woman with the scar, "someone is here to see you". Vivi looked at the barkeep, annoyed at the lack of keeping things quiet. She then turned around and saw Bertrade walking to her. Quickly, Vivi put on a smile and said hello to her. She then turned back to the barkeep.

"Is there a room in the back, we can use?" Vivi asked the barkeep. "I want this to be private." At this she saw the three boys Bertrade had been telling tales to all talking amongst themselves excitedly.

Bertrade stood in front of Vivi and smiled, "Anything you say to me, you can say in front of everyone here." Bertrade said looking at Vivi. Vivi felt annoyed at the lack of respect she was being shown, so she leaned over to Bertrade and whispered the phrase she had been given into Bertrade's ear.

"Wednesday's child is born". Vivi whispered, then leaned back. Bertrade's face changed from a joyful, joking face, to one a bit more serious. She then looked over to the barkeep.

"Terry", she said to the barkeep, "actually we will take a room in the back."

"Awww", the group of three boys said at their table.

Bertrade turned around and smiled at them. "Don't worry, this is just boring accounting work. The less glamorous side of my job. If anything exciting happens, like we get into a fight to the death, or I have to seduce her back there I will be certain to tell you all." Bertrade then took the lead and motioned for Vivi to follow.

Vivi looked down at the Grand Marnier she had ordered, but had not yet had. She sighed and slid it down over to Mr. 9. "You can have this", she said to him and his eyes shined with joy from being given anything by Miss Wednesday. Vivi then leaned over him and whispered to him, "keep an ear on the door of the room, if things seem to be going bad, barge in." Mr. 9 nodded his head slightly, and took a sip of the Grand Marnier.

Bertrade led Vivi to the room, and Vivi closed the door once they were both inside. Bertrade was the first to talk.

"So this is about the weapon order from the Baroque Works, I assume." Bertrade said to Vivi.

"I'm surprised you know our name", Vivi answered back, and Bertrade just smiled.

"I know a lot of things about your group, everything but its leader." Bertrade answered. Vivi smirked, that was something she had over this battle hardened woman.

"That's good, it is a secret, only us essential members know." Vivi said while looking at her nails nonchalantly, trying to signal that she was better than this woman, because she knew her leader's identity.

Bertrade ignored this and moved on, "so what did Baroque Works decide?"

"Well, we have accepted your cost, no need to negotiate that, however we do need to know how long it will take to have the weapons." Vivi answered back.

Bertrade stared at Vivi and answered, "one month."

Vivi stopped for a moment. She was almost, disappointed. She had wanted to be told a time beyond the two month window, she had wanted to argue with this woman, she had wanted to, if needed, put her under and make her agree, even if it was against her will. She then remembered the letter and the fact that Robin said not to use her dance unless needed. Vivi tried to hide the disappointment from her face when she answered, "that is good. I was told that if it was over a month I would have to do whatever it takes to make it a shorter amount of time."

Bertrade raised her eyebrows and smiled, "glad I have it right on the edge then. What a coincidence." Bertrade smiled then signaled to the door. "You can go ahead, since we are done here", Vivi turned around ready to leave when Bertrade cleared her throat, "and tell the man listening at the door that nothing bad happened." Bertrade said, a big smile growing on her face.

This lack of respect she was being shown annoyed Vivi to no end. She started to stomp while waling, and opened the door to the room the pair were in, which knocked Mr. 9 over. She looked down at him, anger in her face and said forcefully, "we are leaving!" Mr. 9 got up right away, picked up his crown which had fallen off, and started to follow while brushing off the dirt that had gotten onto his clothes.

As they approached the door, the barkeep, Terry, spoke up. "Excuse me, you forgot to pay." Vivi's face grew red and she was just about to turn around and pay when Bertrade's voice filled the bar, having just left the room in the back and having heard the barkeep.

"Don't worry about it miss, I'll pay for you." Vivi didn't turn around but she could hear the grin on Bertrade's face in her words. Vivi wanted to turn around, wanted to fight this woman, but knew that would hurt the Baroque Works, and thus hurt her chance to save her kingdom. She balled up her right hand into a fist and walked out. Inside the bar she heard laughing from all its patrons. If she had turned around she would have seen that Terry did not laugh, she also would have seen that as she was walking off a pair of men at a table looked at each other and nodded, sinister grins on their faces. One of the men got up and left, only about 10 seconds after Vivi and Mr. 9.
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