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A poem I built from the song Dynasty by MIIA and the years of life.
We have built our world, but we have used the sources we've been gifted.

We have drunk the water of the seas,

And have eaten the berries and the meat.

As the day turns into night,

A monster hunts and we hide.

There was a time where we lived in caves.

We looked very different and had very much to save.

But, as we died, the time changed, things weren't exactly much the same.

If I was still alive, I would see a lot of animals that were tame.

In this new strange world, I saw people fully dressed in clothes and some of those people did no work.

There was electricity, a brand new perk.

I have realized that this world was just a recreation of mine, as they used the sources they've been gifted of their time.

The only difference was that I didn't realize it was all a curse.

They were never really gifted, just things we've stolen.

Everything that the world gave us was gone, it was no longer a home.

When I was first born into this world, I thought I would build something that would never be destroyed.

However, with every mistake I've made, every living thing had to suffer the many damages that they tried to avoid.

Those damages were named plague, disease, global warming, polluted environments, crime, corona, and many more.

I have no idea why I died when I could've waited, I guess I felt like I could close the door.

I thought I could heal it back, but the world became something that was once written on a page.

I was very upset and started to cry in rage.

When I had woken up into my 16 year old self, I realized it was all a dream...

But I then realized that the dream was our reality.

"With the resources of nature, we have built today, but what we don't realize is that along with today, we have built tomorrow's destruction. Sometimes we don't realize it, but the real problem of the world is ourselves. I wish I could change the way we live, I wish I could do something for the world, but I still have to wait."
-Alisha P.-

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