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Plot for thriller writing class
I think i will have Raen working as a courier for one of the trade guilds she is saving up to earn a license to run her own courier guild employing street urchins. She has heard about the slaughter of random children and small gangs of young ones. She comes across a flyer offering a large sum for any information on the deaths.

The antagonist is secretly watching Raen as she begins her investigation Raen can sense a presence but not a reason.

Raen follows clues and the testimony of various street children. Until she becomes aware that she is looking for a sentient creature not just some random monster. Then she figures out it is a hellhound.

They collide in a final scene where Raen has sucessfully trapped the hellhound and is about to deliver her for the reward. Then twist the real villain is the woman trying to trap the hellhound and there is no reward but a double cross.
Raen and the hellhound call a truce and escape the woman together.
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