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Miscalculation leaves ship in orbit over a dying planet with no way to escape. (Rondeau)
In Orbit

"Remain in orbit, steady as she goes!"
Urgency transmitted, our tension grows.
Relentless thrusters pushed to their red zone,
All shudder at the constant warning tone.
How long they can handle this, no one knows.

Why this forsaken world nobody chose,
A roiling planet in its death throes?
The surface seethes, Captain lets out a moan,
"Remain in orbit."

Forward momentum gradually slows.
The hull beneath us perceptibly glows.
If we have sins, then it's time to atone.
Soon we are gasping, burning bodies prone.
No witnesses left our death to expose.
Remains in orbit.

Rondeau poem with 15 lines. Submitted to the Universal poetry writing contest .

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