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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2251316
I know it will be coming soon
I lost another sneeze just now.
I wonder where it went.
This was the third time in one day
and that’s a big event.

For where do all those sneezes go
if I don’t let them out?
They could be ganging up inside,
just swirling all about.

And if they make up one big sneeze,
as they might do, I guess,
I’d blow my brains right out my nose
and that would be a mess.

Just thinking of that gives me chills.
That happened once before.
Now I don’t have the brains to spare.
In fact, I could use more.

I know that it is coming soon
and I’ll explode some day.
If I were you I’d give me room;
I’d stand back far away.

Hey, maybe I could use that sneeze,
this big one that will come.
Yeah, maybe I could use that force.
You know, that’s not so dumb.

A secret weapon of my own,
that I alone possess.
I’ll save it ‘til I need it most.
That thrills me, I confess.

A super hero I could be
who rids the world of crime.
I wouldn’t even need a cape.
(I’d only have one time.)

And when at last the time has come
I’ll know just what to do.
I’ll simple let it all come out
in one great big AAACHOOOO!

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