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by Kitbok
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Fairness is a rare comodity.
Cain And Abel.
'Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let us go out to the field." And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him.'{/i} Gen.4:8. (NRSV)

Sin had entered into Cain's heart,
He lost control of his will and power,
Inside he was thoughtlessly mad,
He killed his own brother.

Abel had done the best he could,
He was upright and innocent,
Why this atrocious untimely death,
When he obeyed God's commandments.

Abel brought to God his best offering,
Why from death he was not saved?
Being find favor and regard by God,
Why there is no miraculous escape?

After sin had entered the world,
Fairness is a rare commodity,
We misuse free will given by God,
We abuse our freedom and liberty.

When free will and sin joint together,
We get the most potent poison,
Man dares to kill his own brother,
No qualm to ruin his own love ones.

Oh! How we treat our near and dear,
With our words and deeds really,
We wreck those, whom we love the most,
Slowly, gradually and painfully.

Look at how we spoil the children,
We finish off their innocence,
We destroy their hope and future,
We take out their love and passion.

We cut to pieces our friends and colleagues,
We stab them behind their back,
How to shatter them we seek,
With all deviousness, we attack.

However, what happened to Cain,
After he killed his own brother Abel,
He went away from the presence of God,
His life was hard and almost hell.

Yes, we can say the world is unfair,
And to Jesus Christ, they unfairly tried,
Innocent but the crown of thorns he bears,
For our sins, at the cross, He died.

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